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Apptoto Manual

Apptoto is primarily an automated appointment messaging service that integrates with your existing workflow. Once fully configured, you shouldn’t have to interact with Apptoto; it will just work in the background sending messages to your clients based on the content of your calendar.

How To: Apptoto Overview

Apptoto also has online scheduling capabilities, which allow your clients and prospects to book appointments with you or your team.

Apptoto connects to your existing calendar and extracts contact information (and other relevant data) out of each event it finds on the calendar. If you don’t want Apptoto to connect to your calendars, you can also create a “private” Apptoto calendar directly on the Apptoto website.

Apptoto can significantly decrease the number of no-shows you incur by sending customizable reminder messages. It can also increase customer retention and satisfaction through the use of follow-up messages.

To get started with Apptoto, we recommend you follow this tutorial.

A webinar is available at


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