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Connect Your Address Book

Connecting your address book to Apptoto is useful for multiple reasons. By connecting your address book to Apptoto, the platform will sync all of your existing contacts, including their first names, last names, emails, and phone numbers (if you have collected all of those). If you have automatic contact matching available, any missing contact information for your appointment participants can be added automatically by Apptoto.

Likewise, if you want to run an Address Book Campaign to send SMS text messages and emails to specific groups of your prospects, clients, or patients, you can utilize your existing address books (or subsets of people within the address book) to send campaign messages to.

Adding an Address Book

1. To connect an Address Book to Apptoto, start by clicking “Settings.”
settings tab in apptoto platform
2. Click “Address Books.”

address book tab in apptoto platform

3. Click “Add.”

add new address book to apptoto in platform

4. Click on the type of Address Book that you use.

select which address book you'd like to sync to aptoto (examples: Google, outlook, salesforce)

5. A screen will appear asking you to choose from an existing Google account or to connect a new one.

connect google account to apptoto

6. For Google, choose the Google account that owns your address book and verify using your login credentials.

connecting a google account to address to allow apptoto access

7. At this point, your Address Book will begin syncing with Apptoto. Click “Refresh” to see how many contacts have synced into your account.

refreshing contacts in a Google address book in apptoto

8. Your address book will be synced automatically once an hour. If you need Apptoto to sync more often, you can click the “Sync” button on the “Settings” > “Address Books” tab.

syncing new contacts to a Google address book in apptoto