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Confirmation Page (fka “Booking Actions”)

Booking actions allow you to specify where a client is directed after they book an appointment with you.

After Booking Actions:

After booking an appointment, you can direct your client/patient to one of three places:

Choose where to send a user after they submit a appointment booking with you.

Show Template

If you want to create a custom template to display to your clients/patients after they book an appointment using a specific booking page, utilize this option. A template editor will appear, allowing you to customize and preview your confirmation page.

Show Appointment Page

When you select this option, the client will be shown the “Appointment Page” for the appointment. To configure the appointment page, head over to the “Settings” > “Appointment Pages” tab. An example of an appointment page is below:

The appointment page displays after a client requests an appointment with your company.

Redirecting to URL

Instead of showing the client the “Appointment Page,” you can redirect the client to a URL such as your website. Enter your unique URL in the “Redirect URL” field.

Note that you can use the same fields that you can use in the booking appointment templates as appended parameters (following ?) to your URL.

Reschedule Options

Each of the three after-booking actions presents you with the option to “Allow clients to pick a new time if they click reschedule.” Leaving this enabled will allow the client to book a new time if they need to move their appointment. If you deselect this option, you will simply be notified the customer would like to reschedule and you will need to reach out to them directly.