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Grow your company, not your costs

Your clients are online 24/7, shouldn't your calendar be? Online scheduling means you can grow your business without adding headcount and focus on what matters - your clients.

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Scheduling their way

Scheduling their way

Nearly 70% of your clients prefer to schedule their appointments online. Are you ready to meet that demand? Apptoto provides online scheduling today but also allows you to continue adding appointments directly until the other 30% are ready.

Added directly to your calendar

Capture all your client's information when they schedule and guarantee appointment details are always accurate on your current calendar. With custom 'Add to Calendar' fields, your clients have what they need at their fingertips.

Added to your calendar
Customize appointment types

Customize appointment types and availability

You have complete control over your calendar availability. Customize appointment types and booking configurations to let clients book exactly what they need. Apptoto Scheduling is fully integrated with Apptoto's Appointment Reminders to make sure everyone arrives on-time and well prepared!

Apptoto scheduling has the features you need to run your business on autopilot

Booking pages

Fully customize the appearance of your booking pages, along with your teams' appointment types and availability. Send links directly to your clients or embed on your website.

Booking pages

Multiple calendar support

Connecting multiple calendars to Apptoto allows you to easily send messages for everyone on your staff using one account. Each calendar can have it's own settings and messages if you want. Apptoto also works with shared calendars.

multiple calendar support

Custom "Add to calendar" Content

If the client clicks "Add to calendar", you have control over the suggested content for the event. This allows you to include additional information directly in the client's calendar as well.

custom add to calendar content

Capture mobile numbers

Use Apptoto's two-factor authentication during online scheduling to ensure that the client provides their cell phone number to then be used for reminder purposes. Remember, booking the appointment is only half the battle… getting them to show up is the other half!

capture mobile numbers

2-way calendar sync

Appointments are updated in real-time on your calendar to show you which appointments have been reminded, confirmed, cancelled, or have requested rescheduling.

2-way calendar sync

Custom booking fields

Create custom fields on your bookings page to be added to your contact and event records. ie birthdate, appointment type, etc.

custom booking fields

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