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As Google is becoming an increasingly popular calendar system for both business and personal use, we have outlined some best practices to ensure the most streamlined and efficient integration of your Google calendar with Apptoto.

Separate Calendars

If you’re already using Google calendar, and are scheduling soccer practice, birthday parties, or doctor checkups on the same calendar as your business appointments, all of those appointments will transfer over to Apptoto. To ensure that only the relevant appointments are imported to your Apptoto account, we recommend creating a separate “Work” calendar within your Google account, that you can then schedule only your business appointments on. To do this, follow the steps outlined in this guide from Google


When generating new appointments, we recommend the following format for including contact information for participants to ensure the smoothest participant extraction possible.


Including the appointment type, contact name, phone number, and email on one line, all separated by “ – “ will ensure the cleanest extraction of information. For appointments with multiple participants, you can add their contact information in the Description field of the appointment, in this case “Jane Smith”, or you can use the “Guest List” feature of your calendar.

Sharing w/ permissions

If you have multiple employees with individual calendars that all need to be connected to your Apptoto account, the simplest way to accomplish this is to have them share their calendar with full permissions to a Google account already connected to your Apptoto account. Sharing with full permissions means that Apptoto will be able to read and write to each calendar to ensure that all information is up-to-date. To learn more about how to share Google calendars, read this explanation from Google

Once those calendars are shared to one specific account, you can import them into Apptoto by following the steps outlined in our Importing Google Calendar & Contacts portion of this knowledge base.