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Message Templates

Apptoto uses an enhanced version of the Liquid Templating language for message templates and appointment pages.

Apptoto liquid templates


Templates are used in

Templates are a mix of static text, fields, filters, conditional blocks, and voice recordings (for voice messages)

  • Static text doesn’t change from one message to the next (e.g. “Appt Reminder:”).
  • Fields are surrounded in {{ }} braces and are dynamic, in the sense that they may be different in each message that is sent.
  • Filters are included inside of fields in the format {{ FIELD_NAME | FILTER }} and can be used to augment the output of the field.
  • Conditional Blocks are captured in {% %} blocks and can be used to optionally include or exclude content in messages.
  • Voice Recordings are MP3 files that can be pre-recorded and used in your voice call templates.
  • Buttons can be used to prompt clients to confirm, cancel, reschedule, etc in your email templates.
  • Images can be included in your email templates.


Click here to see examples.