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Booking Message Timing



Booking messages are messages that will be sent when an appointment is created, related to the time it was created.


apptoto when booking

“Immediately after booking”

This will send the message as soon as an appointment is created. By default, it will send whenever you create the appointment, regardless of time of day. You can change this setting follow your “default schedule” or there is an option to specify a custom schedule.

“1 hour /1 day after booking”

These options will attempt to send the message an hour or a day after the appointment has been created. The “1 Hour” option will use “any” time of day by default, and the “1 Day” option will use the default schedule. Both options can use a custom schedule as well.


This option allows you to specify a range for when the message can be sent. Apptoto will attempt to send the reminder at first time listed and roll the message forward up to the second time listed if the first time is unavailable due to the “Time of day” schedule.

For example, if you want the message to send 2 hours after, but no later than 4 hours after the appointment is created, you can select “2 hours after” and “4 hours after” as the ‘X’ and ‘Y’. The option to specify a custom schedule exists for this option as well.

“Relative day and time”

This option lets you specify the number of days after the creation of the appointment and the exact time of day when the message should be sent (e.g. 1 day after at 1:00 pm)

Please note that this setting does NOT abide by the message time of day schedule like the other settings do.

“Specific date and time”

This option is seldom if ever used. This will allow you to specify the exact day and time that the message will go out, should you need that option.

“Apply to appointments created after”


apptoto advanced booking

This setting lets you tell Apptoto to only send Booking messages to new appointments created after the date you specify. This is helpful if you already have appointments on your calendar and you do not want Apptoto send to booking messages to those existing appointments.

So for example, lets say it’s June 23rd, 2016… and you have 20 appointments already on the calendar in the future. If you create a new booking message and do not want that new message to be sent to those existing 20 appointments, then you should set this setting to June 23, 2016 (as it is in the screenshot above). Then only appointments created after June 23, 2016 will be sent the Booking message.