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Participant Extraction

Apptoto extracts contact information (i.e. phone numbers and email addresses) from calendar events for the purposes of sending SMS, Call, and Email messages.

There are 4 main ways that Apptoto does this

  1. Automatic Extraction: Apptoto finds names, phone numbers, and email addresses in events.
  2. Automatic Contact Matching: Apptoto matches contacts to appointments by name, phone number, and email address.
  3. Explicit Contact Matching: Apptoto can match contacts to appointments if they are explicitly linked.
  4. Manual Entry: Or, you can just manually add the phone numbers and email addresses to appointments in Apptoto.

Using those 4 ways, Apptoto is normally able to adapt to your existing workflow. However, if you are designing a workflow from scratch, then we do have some suggested event templates that can be useful.