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Sign Up Pages

Sign Up Pages allow you to present specific existing appointments for your clients to join, and can support a single instance of an event, or a recurring series of events. These pages can be generated within an event in Apptoto, or you can set up a Sign Up Page to then add appointments to afterward.

Creating a Sign Up Page from an existing appointment

In your Appointments tab, click on the event you’d like to create a signup page for, and under the Signup Page tab, click the “Create Sign Up Page” button in the Event Editor window that pops up.

This will automatically create a Sign Up Page for that appointment, and provide you with a link to the Sign Up Page to give out to your clients. Clicking the gear icon will take you to the settings for that Sign Up Page.

Creating a Sign Up Page to add appointments to later

From the “Booking Pages” tab of your account, click “Add Sign Up Page”. This will generate a Sign Up Page, and will take you to the details screen, prompting you to specify a url and title for that Sign Up Page, as well as a maximum number of available slots for each appointment.

Once the Sign Up Page is established, simply open an event on your Appointments tab, and click the “Add To Existing Sign Up Page” button there. That will provide you with a list of all of your current Sign Up Pages to assign that event to, and you can then add multiple appointments to that page.

When your client visits the Sign Up Page url, they will be able to choose the specific appointment from the drop-down list, which will show them the date, time, and total number of available slots for each available appointment.

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