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Tracking Email Opens

Having the ability to track when your clients open up emails sent from Apptoto can be helpful for multiple reasons. You get a better understanding of which emails you send are being opened, which are ignored, and who is most likely to open emails. You also have more insight into what is occurring if/when a client reports that they did not receive an appointment reminder email. That is why it’s now possible to track email opens in Apptoto by making a quick change to your Email settings.

What is being tracked?

Once you enable this tool, Apptoto will begin measuring data about your email engagement, including if your emails were opened, how many times, and by whom. This feature is not enabled by default currently, so if you want to utilize it, please follow the directions below.

Enabling Email Open Tracking

  1. Open Apptoto and click the “Settings” tab.
  2. Click the “Email” tab and scroll down to the “Open Tracking” section.
  3. Click the checkbox next to “Enable Open Tracking.”
  4. Click the “Save” button.

Enable email open tracking with a single click under the Settings > Email tab.

Viewing Email Open Statistics

Once you’ve enabled Open Tracking, Apptoto will begin recording data for every email you send. That reporting can be found under the “Tools” section > “Log” tab. The log will show multiple data points, including:

  • What time the email was sent
  • What calendar the email was linked to
  • What email it was sent to
  • How many times it was opened

Email open reporting can be found in the Log section under Tools in Apptoto

Email Open Statistics FAQ

Is reporting always 100% accurate?

Email open data is incredibly useful information to have, but it will not always be 100% accurate. As companies push to enact more privacy protections and safety features for consumers, one of the first things to be blocked is certain tracking data collection. For example, some of your clients may use a personal email solution/app (aka an email client) that automatically blocks tracking pixels used to determine if an email was opened.

Similarly, Apptoto uses a tracking pixel (or tiny transparent 1×1 square image) to track email opens. If you send a plain-text email, the tracking pixel will not fire since no images are allowed. Likewise, if your recipient has their email set to block all images, you may see lower open rates than you may expect.