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Custom Fields

Custom data can extracted from your appointments and contacts and included in your messages, conditions, and appointment pages.

Custom data is available through the

{{ event.custom.CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME }}


{{ participant.custom.CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME }}   


Custom Appointment Data

You can add custom data to an appointment by putting


into the body of the appointment.

For example if the body of the appointment contained the following

service: haircut
stylist: Karen

Then you could use event.custom.service and event.custom.stylist in your message templates to inline the type of service and the stylist that is going to perform the service. For example you could set your SMS Message Template to say:

{{ event.custom.service | capitalize }} Reminder: This is a reminder for your appointment with {{ event.custom.stylist | capitalize }} {{ event.day_and_time_phrase }}

That would result in “Haircut Reminder: This is a reminder for your appointment with Karen…”

Custom Contact Data

Custom contact data can be added to contacts by adding


to the notes section of a contact record.

You can then use {{ participant.custom.CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME }} or {{ contact.custom.CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME }} in your message templates, conditions, and appointment pages.