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Message Timing Options


The “When” portion of the Message Editor allows you to configure when each message is sent, relative to when an appointment starts or is created on your calendar.


apptoto message timing

Each “Purpose” (Reminder, Followup, Booking) has different timing options.

“Time of day”

For all 3 “Purposes”, this refers to the specified time schedule that Apptoto will adhere to when sending the message.

Default Schedule

By default, messages will use the “Default Schedule” that can be customized in your “Settings”>“Contact Info” tab. This schedule will dictate the windows of time that Apptoto can send messages unless otherwise specified with a “Custom Schedule”. The default settings for this will be every day of the week from 12:00pm to 8:00pm, but can be changed to your liking.


apptoto message timing

Custom Schedule

Within the message editor, you can select “Custom Schedule” to specify a different window of time for that specific message to be sent.


apptoto time of day customization