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Connecting your Payment Processor

To connect your Payment Processor to Apptoto, navigate to the “Settings” > “Payment Processing” tab and click on one of the processor buttons to start the Authorization flow.

Clicking on one of the payment processors will start the “Authorization Flow”‘ for that processor.  You should see a screen asking if you want to grant permission for Apptoto to access your account.  Please accept the authorization.

Once you’ve connected your account you should see it listed on the Payment Processing page like so:

You can connect multiple payment processors to Apptoto, but only one can be set to the Default processor at a time.

You can use the “Options” dropdown menu to set a process or as the default.

Disconnecting your Payment Processor

If you want to disconnect your Payment Processor from Apptoto, you can do so in Apptoto by clicking on the “Options” dropdown and choosing “Disconnect”

This will immediately stop Apptoto from using your payment processor.  It will also disable any Booking Pages that are set up for payments (unless another provider is connected and set as the default).

You can also de-authorize Apptoto from inside of your Payment Processor’s own dashboard.


Once you’ve connected your Payment Processor, the next step is to set up payments on your booking pages or sign up pages.