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Review Your Appointments

Once you’ve connected your calendars and address books, it’s time to review your appointments. Learn where to find important information about your events and participants using the steps below.

Reviewing your Appointments in Apptoto

  1. Once you’ve connected your calendars, Apptoto will attempt to determine your appointments’ contact information (i.e., name, phone, and email addresses). It will use that information to reliably send your messages to your appointment participants.
  2. Click “Appointments” to see the appointments that Apptoto has synced (or that you have added manually). The main view we will cover is the “Agenda” view.Apptoto portal with the appointments tab highlighted

  3. Event details appear on the left.

    Apptoto portal with meeting details on left-side of screen

  4. Participant information that Apptoto has found will appear on the right.Apptoto portal with meeting participant details on right-side of screen

  5. Apptoto extracts participant information automatically using two methods. It will either match appointments to existing contacts (by name, email, or phone number). Those matches will have either a display image or initials for a picture.

an automatically matched contact in Apptoto shows a matched contact bubble


6. Or, Apptoto will extract names, phone numbers, and email addresses directly from the content of the events. Those participants will have a silhouette as a display automatically extracted and added to a meeting in Apptoto


7. If names aren’t reliably extracted, contact, and we can tune your account to extract them properly.

meetings in Apptoto with extracted names added to the participant details.


8. Extracted contacts can easily be saved to your Address Book if needed.Button showing where to "Add users to address book" in Apptoto platform


9. If you see the same participant for every appointment (or most appointments), you can easily tell Apptoto to remove them from all appointments by clicking on the options menu.highlighting the automated message count on the platform to show where to edit users' participation options


10. Choose “Remove Participant.”Remove participant from meeting button shown in Apptoto platform


11. Select “Yes” when Apptoto asks if you want to add them to the blacklist.

Automatically add a contact to apptoto blacklist approval message


12. You can also access the Extraction Blacklist by clicking on the “Settings” menu.highlighted settings tab in Apptoto platform


13. Then “Extraction Blacklists.”highlighted Extraction Blacklist tab in Apptoto platform


14. Add any emails or phone numbers you want to be blacklisted (or review those you added previously). Note: you can add to your email blacklist if needed.

Blacklist page in Apptoto with emails and phone numbers entered