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Salesforce Booking Page Integration

To enhance Apptoto’s Salesforce integration, we’ve made it possible to convert Salesforce leads to Salesforce opportunities automatically. Now, after a Salesforce lead books an appointment with you via an Apptoto booking page, you can choose to have them convert to an opportunity instantly.

Converting a Salesforce Lead to an Opportunity after an Appointment Booking

To convert a lead to an opportunity after a person schedules an appointment:

1. If you have not already, be sure to sync your Salesforce Calendars to Apptoto

2. Add your Salesforce Leads Address Book to Apptoto (note: your Salesforce Contact Address Book is added automatically, but your Leads address book is required for this process)

3. Navigate to the Booking Page tab in Apptoto

4. Set your booking page settings (such as appearance, appointment types, form fields, etc.) as needed.

5. Ensure the following settings are set to ensure Salesforce leads convert to opportunities correctly.

    • On the Availability tab, ensure your Calendar is set to sync to a Salesforce Calendar.Ensure your Apptoto booking page is set to sync to your Salesforce Calendar.
    • On the Address Book tab, set your Address Book to your Salesforce Leads address book you synced in step 2.Add your Salesforce Leads Address Book to Apptoto
    • After you complete the previous step, a checkbox will appear. Click the checkbox to enable “Convert Salesforce Leads to Opportunities upon Booking.”Click the checkbox to allow Salesforce Leads to be converted to Opportunities once a Lead books an appointment
    • A “New Lead Status (After Conversion):” field will appear.
      • Enter the name your business uses when a qualified lead is converted to an opportunity in Salesforce.Enter the New Lead Status name from Salesforce into Apptoto's Address Book tab.

6. Click “Create” to launch your new booking page.

Identifying the Name for a Converted Lead in Salesforce

1. Login to Salesforce

2. Navigate to “Setup” tab then “Object Manager.”In Salesforce, navigate to the Setup tab then Object Manager and search for the Lead object.

3. Click on the “Lead” object to see more details.

4. Select the “Fields & Relationships” tab and search for the “Lead Status” field. Search for "Lead Status" on the "Fields & Relationships" tab in Salesforce.

5. Click on the “Lead Status” field and scroll down to the “Lead Status Picklist Values.”

6. In the picklist, one Value/API Name should have a checkmark in the “Converted” column. Find the "API Name" for the name your company utilizes for a Lead that is converted to an opportunity in Salesforce.

7. Enter the API Name into the “New Lead Status (After Conversion):” in Step 5.4 above.