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Testimonials from Apptoto customers

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"A fantastic platform that saves me so much time. "

Apptoto client Thomas Fulbrook Ph.D., LCSW with Insightful Living Inc.
Thomas Fulbrook Ph.D., LCSW Insightful Living Inc. Counseling/Therapy Services

"Integrates with our workflow perfectly! Has helped make keeping in communication with clients a lot easier!"

Apptoto client Dorian Angebrandt, LCSW with Choices In Counseling
Dorian Angebrandt, LCSW Choices In Counseling Counseling/Therapy Services

"Helps keep our clients and our employees organized and ready for their appointments!"

Apptoto client Drew Brown with Big Future Academics
Drew Brown Big Future Academics Educational Services

"Our patients like it. Our practitioners like it. Apptoto is an essential tool. I wouldn’t change a thing."

Apptoto client Traci Humphreys with Broomfield Family Practice
Traci Humphreys Broomfield Family Practice Health/Wellness Services

"...Apptoto has not only decreased scheduling confusion, it has eliminated it. It has also eliminated the staff support and expenses required to maintain the schedule. The service is an incredible value."

Apptoto client Steve Nenninger with Steve Nenninger, NMD
Steve Nenninger Steve Nenninger, NMD Health/Wellness Services

"Excellent Google integration, highly customizable, and support that is fast and reliable."

Apptoto client Joe Gubbay, Clinical Psychologist with Australian Clinical Psychologists
Joe Gubbay, Clinical Psychologist Australian Clinical Psychologists Counseling/Therapy Services

"All in one solution - fits ALL of our business scheduling, reminder and webinar signup needs."

Apptoto client Tori Mueck with AccountTech
Tori Mueck AccountTech Financial/Tax Services

"Full-featured, versatile system; reasonably priced; saved us a bunch in confirming appointments."

Apptoto client Colin Schreiber with Huntington Learning Center
Colin Schreiber Huntington Learning Center Educational Services

"Easy to navigate. Mobile app is also great!"

Apptoto client Mathnasium of Oxnard North with Mathnasium Home Office
Mathnasium of Oxnard North Mathnasium Home Office Educational Services

"Always been reliable and easy to use"

Counseling/Therapy Services

"When I have had an issue...I have no problem getting a person to help."

Ken Pittman The Pittman Group Inc Financial/Tax Services

"Love that it runs in the background and allows for text back."

Erica Ryberg Montoya Wealth Management Financial Services - Advising

"Easy to use and great customer service support!"

Diane Hirsch SPRCHRGR Financial Services - Other

"It works very well. If we need help or personlization, you guys are right on it and work with us to make it perfect."

You Dirty Dog You Dirty Dog

"This program has been the difference between some of my customer showing up and some of them not showing up...It really makes them accountable for their answers."

Apptoto client Toby Yurko with
Toby Yurko Residential/Commercial Services

"The email reminders to attendees about upcoming appointments on my Google calendar are vital to my business."

Alay Yajnik Yajnik Group

"Everyone is super helpful and the product is wonderful!"

Robyn Callahan Great Southern Homes Other

"Apptoto works great consistently and just as intended, simple to use."

Jesse Curry Jr Roofing by Curry Residential/Commercial Services

"Apptoto support team has been great in helping us use this app to best support our business. It has saved us hours and hours in labor every day and week."

Jeremy Rohloff Priority Appliances LLC Residential/Commercial Services

"I like how I seldom need to login to Apptoto. I can perform nearly all functions on an ongoing basis within Google Calendar."

Apptoto client Alan Kirby with
Alan Kirby Financial/Tax Services

"Very easy for customers to schedule appointments with Apptoto"

Apptoto client Matthew Terry with Mathnasium of Green Bay
Matthew Terry Mathnasium of Green Bay Educational Services

"One of the best automated text platforms on the market."

Chris Stewart ACL Inspects Landscape Services

"I love the service!!! Very easy to use."

Stacy Corrigan Peace of Mind Property Mgmt & RE, Inc. Real Estate Services

"Good service - simple to use product"

Chip Webb Flatiron Internal Medicine Healthcare - Primary & Family Care

"Apptoto has served our needs as advertised. I'm happy with the functionality."

Apptoto client Carlo Dimaisip with Mathnasium of East Sparks
Carlo Dimaisip Mathnasium of East Sparks Educational Services

"It works reliably to reduce the number of no-shows to my appointments."

David Allen Healthcare - Other

"Most of our clients rebook their next tax appointment a year in advance. We don't advertise. We don't have a social media presence or email campaigns. Apptoto just works, so I am happy."

CPA Financial/Tax Services

"It works very well...It's affordable."

Dr. Mary Danielak Dr. Mary Danielak, Psy. D. PC Healthcare - Counseling & Therapy

"Quick and easy to use"

Apptoto client Mathnasium of Grosse Pointe with Mathnasium Home Office
Mathnasium of Grosse Pointe Mathnasium Home Office Educational Services

"It's easy to use and very comprehensive."

Apptoto client Bryan Carr with Mathnasium of Southtowns
Bryan Carr Mathnasium of Southtowns Educational Services

"The platform is very user-friendly and has technical support to help you do any changes "

Carla M. Casas - Attorney at law Casas Immigration, LTD Legal Services - Other

"I love the ease and automation of the program."

Jean Putnam Adirondack Generators Electrical

"I have been recommending Apptoto to many friends and clients over the years... I love the flexibility of the follow-up framework that can be built. Multiple booking pages are huge. Flexibility with multiple calendars is great. "

Apptoto client Ernest McLeod with The Hypno Coach
Ernest McLeod The Hypno Coach

"Our clients/customers appreciate the text reminders and the ability to leave messages on the email they receive. As far as customer service is concerned, top notch. Representatives are always attentive to our needs. "

Apptoto client Sascha Asghari with Laser & Electrolysis Studio
Sascha Asghari Laser & Electrolysis Studio Salon/Spa Services

"Great service, helpful product"

Jenn Gorzynski Simplified Accounting Financial/Tax Services

"It's very helpful, and we've come to rely on it."

Kevin Grover Rhode Island Divorce Mediation Center

"Easy to use. Reliable. Good support"

Apptoto client Russel Thompson with Mission Psychology
Russel Thompson Mission Psychology Healthcare - Counseling & Therapy

"We had problems with customers forgetting they requested our services. They refused to pay for hundreds of dollars of 'lost' crane time. Out of 100 jobs, Apptoto catches around 3 or 4 customers that (forget) to cancel us. We love it."

Apptoto client Michael Twillman with Missouri Crane, Inc.
Michael Twillman Missouri Crane, Inc. Other

"Works a treat :)"

Apptoto client Stuart Hawcroft with Driving Forward
Stuart Hawcroft Driving Forward Educational Services

"Flexibility, and customer service. Support has been incredibly helpful "

Apptoto client Rob with RCHorowitz & Co., Inc.
Rob RCHorowitz & Co., Inc. Other

"Easy to use, does what I need it to do"

Apptoto client Tim McMillan with Sit Means Sit Dog Training
Tim McMillan Sit Means Sit Dog Training Animal/Veterinarian Services

"You're the best service on the Internet, regarding appointments, reminders, and so on!"

Apptoto client Paolo Pedrielli with Brama Group
Paolo Pedrielli Brama Group Business Services

"It gives me a lot of flexibility and makes things easy for our leads and clients."

Apptoto client Michelle Koester with Mathnasium of Papillion
Michelle Koester Mathnasium of Papillion Educational Services

"We have found the program very helpful in managing our patient appointments. It has reduced our time spent making phone calls and has reduced missed appointments. "

Apptoto client Jennifer Dudley with Brink Chiropractic Clinic
Jennifer Dudley Brink Chiropractic Clinic Healthcare - Other

"It's convenient and user friendly."

Apptoto client Evelyn Wang, C.Ht. with Center For Advanced Life Skills
Evelyn Wang, C.Ht. Center For Advanced Life Skills

"Great service and never any issues."

Apptoto client Josh Pugh with Pella Windows & Doors
Josh Pugh Pella Windows & Doors Windows/Flooring

"Easy to use from both a business and customer perspective. Also, easy to customize to match our business branding and needs."

Apptoto client Celeste Nelson with Mathnasium of Stillwater
Celeste Nelson Mathnasium of Stillwater Educational Services

"Apptoto has the best flexibility of any reminder system I have worked with. The integration with GoogleCal is second to none..."

Apptoto client Nicholas Rivera with Daybreak Tattoo
Nicholas Rivera Daybreak Tattoo Other

"I've had a great experience with your product! User friendly and great customer service. "

Apptoto client Leigh Kottwitz with City of Columbia
Leigh Kottwitz City of Columbia Other

"Apptoto is required by Mathnasium. I'm pleased that an option exists for scheduling assessments and trials..."

Apptoto client Benedict Zoe & Ruby Yao with Mathnasium of Fort Lee
Benedict Zoe & Ruby Yao Mathnasium of Fort Lee Educational Services

"Integration with Google Calendar, easy to integrate appointment link to website, integrates with our CRM, easy to use custom fields. Great product, love it!"

Apptoto client Mount Airy with Mathnasium of Mount Airy
Mount Airy Mathnasium of Mount Airy Educational Services

"It has been so nice and time saving not to have to send out reminders, as well as being able to create booking pages that are so much better than trying to write in our appointments."

Apptoto client Amanda Kirkwood with LaLa Photography DFW
Amanda Kirkwood LaLa Photography DFW Other

"Customer support is super professional and patient with customers like myself that are not very good with apps and technology in general."

Apptoto client Alex Corral with San Diego Expert House Cleaning
Alex Corral San Diego Expert House Cleaning Cleaning Services

"The platform has consistently been a reliable source for appointment reminders since the earliest day we started working with Frank in 2014/2015."

Apptoto client Rose Research Center with Rose Research Center
Rose Research Center Rose Research Center Health/Wellness Services

"Easy to use. Helps my clients show up to appointments or reschedule when they can't come. "

Apptoto client Charissa Lawal with Advantage One Brokers
Charissa Lawal Advantage One Brokers Financial/Tax Services

"Your product just works! Especially now that I have figured out how to use the capabilities of filtering reminders by the content of the appointment."

Apptoto client Keith Biegelmann with Keith H Biegelmann CPA LLC
Keith Biegelmann Keith H Biegelmann CPA LLC Financial/Tax Services

"I love the system, it really helps keep us organized and totally helps to improve our appointment hold ratio."

Apptoto client Stacy Corrigan with Peace of Mind Property Mgmt & RE, Inc.
Stacy Corrigan Peace of Mind Property Mgmt & RE, Inc. Real Estate Services

"Since using Apptoto for my tattoo shop appointments, no shows have dropped by 90%! Customers love the reminders too since they have hectic lives."

Apptoto client Chuck Iglinski with Firehouse Tattoos
Chuck Iglinski Firehouse Tattoos Other

"It is a great service. We reduce down time by knowing if our customers need to reschedule or if they cancel their appointment. "

Apptoto client Paul Smith with Surefire Sales Solutions LLC
Paul Smith Surefire Sales Solutions LLC Residential/Commercial Services

"Customer support is fantastic; design team has implemented our feedback into current designs and asks for feedback regularly with new rollouts..."

Apptoto client New York Society of Play with New York Society of Play
New York Society of Play New York Society of Play Other

"It does just about everything I need it to and the customer service team is super helpful when I need help with something."

Apptoto client Kristen Winters with The Ideal Weigh
Kristen Winters The Ideal Weigh Health/Wellness Services

"Very easy to use. Reminds customers of appointments, avoiding holding up a mechanic for a no-show appointment."

Apptoto client Twisted Cycles LLC  with Twisted Cycles LLC
Twisted Cycles LLC Twisted Cycles LLC Automotive/Transportation Services

"Apptoto is easy to use and I find it very helpful in trying to recruit new hires and communicating with current employees."

Apptoto client Kelly Morrone with
Kelly Morrone Residential/Commercial Services

"Great customer service, and once set up the system is very automated."

Apptoto client  with Skinner & Associates
Skinner & Associates Counseling/Therapy Services

"This app has been great for our business. It reminds our clients and gives me a heads up when they need to re-schedule. We have no more missed appts!"

Apptoto client Deborah Klippel with Double D Tax Services Inc.
Deborah Klippel Double D Tax Services Inc. Financial Services - Tax Prep

"Apptoto has freed up so much time in the office."

MARCIA WOOD WOOD'S TAX SERVICE Financial Services - Tax Prep

"The platform is easy to use and has great customer service when I have any questions."

Apptoto client Lakshmi Kondubhatla with North Austin Mathnasium
Lakshmi Kondubhatla North Austin Mathnasium Educational Services

"... We recommend Apptoto for the functionality and the customer service we normally get. Also for the special additions Frank had made for us."

Apptoto client Troy Pfeifer with Sit Means Sit Dog Training
Troy Pfeifer Sit Means Sit Dog Training Animal/Veterinarian Services

" Easy to use and very convenient. "

Apptoto client South Coast Psychiatry with South Coast Psychiatry
South Coast Psychiatry South Coast Psychiatry Counseling/Therapy Services

"It works for me in the salon. Once, you are all set up, it takes care of everything."

Apptoto client Sunny Byrne with Fringe Hair Studio
Sunny Byrne Fringe Hair Studio Salon/Spa Services

"Lots of features... Easy to use!"

Apptoto client Mathnasium Support with Mathnasium Home Office
Mathnasium Support Mathnasium Home Office Educational Services

"Works pretty good for scheduling and tracking appointments... at a reasonable cost."

Apptoto client Jeff Martin with The OC Grill Cleaner
Jeff Martin The OC Grill Cleaner Residential/Commercial Services

"Missed appointments are rare nowadays."

Apptoto client Sue Fisher with Northern Light Stress Clinic
Sue Fisher Northern Light Stress Clinic Counseling/Therapy Services

" supportive and helpful when we had questions. Recently I asked what I needed to do to have a slight change made to the platform and they just went ahead and made it happen... in less than a day! That. Is. Service. ...the platform just works..."

Apptoto client Matthew Slominski with Hamstra Heating & Cooling
Matthew Slominski Hamstra Heating & Cooling Residential/Commercial Services

"You have always been helpful and the service has changed our business..."

Apptoto client Barbara Roman with Tax & Financial Services
Barbara Roman Tax & Financial Services Financial/Tax Services

"This is a remarkable service. It has not crashed or created problems for me throughout the 6+ years I have used it. The support is excellent; they respond to any queries I make immediately and follow up with results."

Dr. Paul Casola PG Casola MD Toronto Canada Health/Wellness Services

"Program has worked well for us."

Apptoto client Fay Poholko with All Weather Windows
Fay Poholko All Weather Windows Residential/Commercial Services

"Great service, and responsive when issues come up. Easy to use. "

Apptoto client Dr. Pagnani with
Dr. Pagnani Counseling/Therapy Services

"Very easy to use and very affordable."

Apptoto client Kim Kelly with Dr. Kim Kelly
Kim Kelly Dr. Kim Kelly Health/Wellness Services

"It's user friendly and works well. "

Apptoto client Hayley Beckett with absonfitness personal Training Studio
Hayley Beckett absonfitness personal Training Studio Fitness/Sports Services

"Easy to use, allows you to communicate with patients via text and syncs with Google calendar. Great tool for a small business."

Apptoto client Tracey Russ with Austin Prosthetic Center, Inc.
Tracey Russ Austin Prosthetic Center, Inc. Health/Wellness Services

"This has made my life easier by opening up communication I don't have to actively do."

Jamie Lovett Refresh Salon Salon/Spa Services

"Apptoto has been a huge boost to our efficiency. It allows us to communicate to various parties for over 50 work orders a day, set templates, auto-reponses, etc..."

Apptoto client Jeremy Rohloff with Priority Appliances LLC
Jeremy Rohloff Priority Appliances LLC Residential/Commercial Services

"Useful tool with a simple-to-use user experience."

Apptoto client Joshua Krebsbach with Therapeutic Health Services
Joshua Krebsbach Therapeutic Health Services Counseling/Therapy Services

"I have been using it for years. I just love how simple it is. It has also saved me having to employee a receptionist."

Apptoto client Alison Kennedy with AK Tax Services
Alison Kennedy AK Tax Services Financial/Tax Services

"We love the easy way to send our customers reminders. Would recommend to all business owners looking to send reminders. "

Apptoto client Melissa Torres with Enterprise Window Tinting
Melissa Torres Enterprise Window Tinting Automotive/Transportation Services

"I love the ease, reliability, and flexibility of using Apptoto. Makes my business so much smoother."

Apptoto client Jorge Rosell with Synergy Realty Group
Jorge Rosell Synergy Realty Group Real Estate Services

"Very easy to use."

Apptoto client Pamela Brown with Down 4 Paws, LLC
Pamela Brown Down 4 Paws, LLC Animal/Veterinarian Services

"I love my service!"

Apptoto client Amy Spencer with Amy Spencer Hair Salon
Amy Spencer Amy Spencer Hair Salon Salon/Spa Services

"Tech-friendly platform."

James McCray McCray Center Counseling/Therapy Services

"Great reminder program."

Apptoto client Richard Lewis with Specialized Home Inspections, LLC
Richard Lewis Specialized Home Inspections, LLC Real Estate Services

"This app helps organize the chaos in our work week. Anything that helps with that process is amazing!"

Brian Martin Chariots Car Rental & Repairs Automotive/Transportation Services

"Brilliant for our purposes."

Apptoto client David Nicholls, BSc MRICS with Allied Surveyors and Valuers Ltd.
David Nicholls, BSc MRICS Allied Surveyors and Valuers Ltd. Real Estate Services

"User friendly - great support!"

Apptoto client Missy with All Serv
Missy All Serv Residential/Commercial Services


Apptoto client Jeannette Errett with MedCareEquipment
Jeannette Errett MedCareEquipment Health/Wellness Services

"I love how easy it is for clients to confirm or let me know they need to reschedule. Also great to get messages to my clients if I'm sick or working from home!"

Apptoto client Gena M. Orr, LCSW with Tulsa Cares
Gena M. Orr, LCSW Tulsa Cares Health/Wellness Services

"Easy to work with, great support services, excellent pricing."

Apptoto client Heather McElreath with Swim with Heather
Heather McElreath Swim with Heather Fitness/Sports Services

"We have been using this system for about three years. It took a year for our elderly clients to completely accept it but it works flawlessly. It saves me a great deal of money and time."

Apptoto client Robert Welk with Welk Security and Trust
Robert Welk Welk Security and Trust Other

"I have been using Apptoto for years and think it is a fabulous app."

Apptoto client Trisha with Thorntonhall Therapies
Trisha Thorntonhall Therapies Salon/Spa Services

"I use the Apptoto program multiple times a day to make it easier and more convenient to communicate with my patients. This program is virtually flawless and saves so much time!"

Apptoto client Karen Shaffer, RN CDMS with AmeriSys
Karen Shaffer, RN CDMS AmeriSys Health/Wellness Services

"It is saving my life!"

Apptoto client Caroline Veazey with Caroline Veazey Counseling
Caroline Veazey Caroline Veazey Counseling Health/Wellness Services

"Awesome and affordable with lots of options. Even my customers tell me how professional it makes my business look."

Apptoto client Kent Craig with Beauty For Ashes Chimney Sweep Service
Kent Craig Beauty For Ashes Chimney Sweep Service Residential/Commercial Services

"Love it!!"

Sharon Rizzuto Lice Clinics of America Salon/Spa Services

"It is great to help our business scheduling."

Apptoto client Mathnasium of Purcellville with Mathnasium of Purcellville
Mathnasium of Purcellville Mathnasium of Purcellville Educational Services

"Great tool in business."

Apptoto client Patricia Bushney with The Patio Factory
Patricia Bushney The Patio Factory Residential/Commercial Services

"It has saved me a lot of time from scheduling appointments manually with clients."

Apptoto client Dottie Fuller with Regeneration Wellness
Dottie Fuller Regeneration Wellness Health/Wellness Services

"It's smooth and dependable, and so easy."

Apptoto client Lisa Ragsdale with Timeless Services
Lisa Ragsdale Timeless Services Health/Wellness Services

"Easy to use, great value."

Apptoto client Andy Fagan with Lightwave Solutions
Andy Fagan Lightwave Solutions Residential/Commercial Services

"Reminders work well! "

Apptoto client Susan Housworth Bolton with J. R. Bolton Services, Inc.
Susan Housworth Bolton J. R. Bolton Services, Inc. Residential/Commercial Services

"I’ve been using Apptoto for years and recommend it all the time! It’s such an easy way to send out reminders, and you can add contact info of your repeat clients, which is a big time saver. They are very responsive and super easy to deal with!"

Apptoto client Christine Lang with
Christine Lang Health/Wellness Services

"Very helpful app."

Apptoto client Angelina Boulet with Wellness Healthcare Solutions, Inc.
Angelina Boulet Wellness Healthcare Solutions, Inc. Health/Wellness Services

"I love the ability to have you all send reminders, thank you notes, and even Google review links to my clients straight from my Google calendar. Set it up once and let it run. Awesome. Thanks."

Apptoto client Magical Matty with Magical Matty
Magical Matty Magical Matty Entertainment Services

"Apptoto has been so instrumental in saving us time contacting for appointment reminders and stopped so much rescheduling with our clients... Highly recommend."

Apptoto client The Residential Group with The Residential Group
The Residential Group The Residential Group Real Estate Services

"It was the easiest thing we implemented before tax season....and likely the most beneficial. It works great and it's all automated. Just put the phone number in Outlook and it does the rest!"

Cole Stevens Burkart & Stevens, CPAs and Advisors Financial/Tax Services

"Apptoto is very easy to use."

Apptoto client Jonathan Hollander with People's Trust Insurance Company
Jonathan Hollander People's Trust Insurance Company Residential/Commercial Services

"Apptoto is AWESOME!"

Apptoto client Rose LeFlore with
Rose LeFlore Financial/Tax Services

"Easy to use. Saves tons of time!"

Apptoto client Tory Hudson with RehabiliTory Case Management Solutions
Tory Hudson RehabiliTory Case Management Solutions Health/Wellness Services

"It works."

Apptoto client Dr. Christopher Lam, MD with South Jersey Psychopharmacology LLC
Dr. Christopher Lam, MD South Jersey Psychopharmacology LLC Health/Wellness Services

"It has been a very useful tool for contacting our patients. Also, getting help and information with this app has been very responsive."

Dr. Glenn Beard Dr. Glenn Beard Health/Wellness Services

"Great service and people are helpful!"

Apptoto client Kay Curtis with Curtis Nutrition
Kay Curtis Curtis Nutrition Health/Wellness Services

"We have been using Apptoto now for approx. 6 years. It just looks after itself; there are no issues..."

Graham Crane Fitness Impact Training Fitness/Sports Services

"It has improved our no-show rates."

Susan Meehan The Child Advocacy Center of Aiken County Counseling/Therapy Services

"Everything works as expected. Bugs reported are fixed quickly, with a personal touch. New features are being added regularly. We couldn't be happier."

Apptoto client Steffan Long with Carbahal & Company
Steffan Long Carbahal & Company Financial/Tax Services

"This system goes with any system you might have and provides a huge value for no shows... I tried an all-in-one service and didn't like it, so I am back to... Apptoto doing confirmations. I love it!!! "

Apptoto client Andrea Grigsby, BCTMB with One Massage Tension Relief Center
Andrea Grigsby, BCTMB One Massage Tension Relief Center Health/Wellness Services

"Great product and the customer service is exceptional."

Apptoto client Donna Savoie with Pack of Paws Dog Training
Donna Savoie Pack of Paws Dog Training Animal/Veterinarian Services

"User-friendly, great support staff."

Apptoto client Caitlyn Manners with
Caitlyn Manners Automotive/Transportation Services

"Great customer service! Efficient system that has helped our company's productivity!"

Apptoto client Andie Rich with
Andie Rich Educational Services

"Works consistently, intuitive interface, deep feature set."

Apptoto client  with Mountain River Physical Therapy
Mountain River Physical Therapy Health/Wellness Services

"Apptoto is so easy to use with its connection to my Google calendar. As a small counseling practice, it is an economical way to send reminders which has saved us time and money."

Apptoto client Louise Holzhauer with Dear Christian Counselor
Louise Holzhauer Dear Christian Counselor Counseling/Therapy Services

"Being a small business owner, I need every second of every day. This simple to use app gives me the time back. This is the best app for making sure the appointments stay set!"

Apptoto client Jessica D. Galindo with get Jessica
Jessica D. Galindo get Jessica Business Services

"Great software, affordable pricing, reliable."

Gentle Care Transportation Automotive/Transportation Services

"The support is always on point!"

Apptoto client Jorge Arturo de la Torre Esquivel with Vantage Point Consulting
Jorge Arturo de la Torre Esquivel Vantage Point Consulting Business Services

"I enjoy the ability to use Apptoto to confirm/reschedule appointments."

Apptoto client Sandy W. with Vet Tech Institute
Sandy W. Vet Tech Institute Educational Services

"This software makes me smile that it was just thought about, exists, and is so easily integrated into other popular softwares and suites. Y'all made a solid product."

Jesse Counseling/Therapy Services

"It works! Great product. Reasonable price. Not too difficult to learn and use."

Apptoto client Michael Smith, Ph.D. with Rocky Mountain Psychological Services
Michael Smith, Ph.D. Rocky Mountain Psychological Services Counseling/Therapy Services

"Has worked very well for me, clients really like the reminders."

Apptoto client Ric Tindall with Hope 320 Counseling
Ric Tindall Hope 320 Counseling Counseling/Therapy Services

"Wonderful service - great app! "

Apptoto client Kevin Rutter with Growing Tree Counseling Center
Kevin Rutter Growing Tree Counseling Center Counseling/Therapy Services

"Frank cares and is always looking to improve the service."

Apptoto client Ryan Walsh with Soulmate Strategy
Ryan Walsh Soulmate Strategy Counseling/Therapy Services

"The folks at Team Apptoto (and the product) are amazing! Super appreciate all you guys do!"

Apptoto client Michael Cowen with Awaken2Sleep Inc.
Michael Cowen Awaken2Sleep Inc. Health/Wellness Services

"Accurate and great for small businesses."

Apptoto client Rene Gonzalez with Dental Hygiene Office of Rene and Shawna Gonzalez
Rene Gonzalez Dental Hygiene Office of Rene and Shawna Gonzalez Health/Wellness Services

"You guys rock!"

Matt Harvey PAVInstallations Residential/Commercial Services

"Easy to use and clients love the invitations and reminders."

Crystal D. Adams Mauzeralle & Adams Financial/Tax Services

"It's been a great program for us! Has helped tremendously."

Apptoto client Liza Zappala with Bellantoni Landscape
Liza Zappala Bellantoni Landscape Residential/Commercial Services

"Very user friendly and relatively inexpensive for a small operation."

Tabitha Jones-Thomas Franciscan University Educational Services

"Apptoto allows me to spend time doing my work instead of making phone calls. When I use Apptoto Reminders for all appointments, I never, ever, have a no-show. Now that’s a time saver!"

Apptoto client Jennifer Frese with Positive Tails Dog Training
Jennifer Frese Positive Tails Dog Training Animal/Veterinarian Services

"We recommend Apptoto all the time!!!"

Apptoto client Dena Vaughn with QuickBooks Guru
Dena Vaughn QuickBooks Guru Business Services

"...My no-show rate is almost non-existent. Last year I only had 1 no-show and it turned out to be the only person all year who declined to allow me to send them a reminder! I wish I’d signed up for this years ago!!"

Apptoto client Nancy Cable with Framingham Psychiatric Care
Nancy Cable Framingham Psychiatric Care Counseling/Therapy Services

"Apptoto has cut down our admin time (who were performing reminders manually) and it has radically cut down our no-shows. Thanks again."

Hugh McCullum Counseling/Therapy Services

"Your service has significantly assisted my practice. … My no show’s have decreased from about 20% to 0%."

Apptoto client Tony Alonzo with New Roads Treatment Centers
Tony Alonzo New Roads Treatment Centers Counseling/Therapy Services

"...I have not had ONE no-show without some acknowledgment through the app since I started using it. It has saved me so much time and is worth every cent!"

Apptoto client Kathy Foster with Kathy Foster Psychic Medium
Kathy Foster Kathy Foster Psychic Medium Counseling/Therapy Services

"I’ve come to depend on this service, very happy with it!"

Apptoto client Mike Magnotti with New Life Counseling
Mike Magnotti New Life Counseling Counseling/Therapy Services

"Apptoto has single handedly saved our attendance rates for appointments! And the team was kind enough to customize reminders for our specific needs. They’re always available to help. I couldn’t be happier with Apptoto."

Apptoto client Amos Van Landingham with The Haven at College
Amos Van Landingham The Haven at College Counseling/Therapy Services

"Very flexible reminders setup. Lots of customizability for times and numbers of reminders."

Apptoto client David Helton with David Helton, LMFT
David Helton David Helton, LMFT Counseling/Therapy Services

"Easy to use!"

Apptoto client Angie Moore with Mathnasium of High Point
Angie Moore Mathnasium of High Point Educational Services

"Nothing is too much trouble for the support team. They are quick to respond and if you need a change… no problem. It is user friendly and incredibly easy to set up."

Apptoto client Mark Anson with Easyas Driver Training
Mark Anson Easyas Driver Training Educational Services

"Apptoto rocks, there were 0 no-shows during the last 4 months! Great!"

Apptoto client Andres Jalak with Fotostuudio Tartus
Andres Jalak Fotostuudio Tartus Entertainment Services

"...for a discriminating consumer who prefers to customize everything and have multiple service lines, Apptoto is clearly the best system available."

Apptoto client Wynn Yin with Turnkey Financial Solutions
Wynn Yin Turnkey Financial Solutions Financial/Tax Services

"Since I started using your services... my no-shows have dramatically decreased. The product is very simple to use and is a must have for any appointment based personal services provider."

Apptoto client Chad Pennycuff with Pennycuff Wealth Coaching
Chad Pennycuff Pennycuff Wealth Coaching Financial/Tax Services

"Apptoto takes care of reminding our clients of their appointments so that we can dedicate ourselves to serving their Income Tax needs. Apptoto is an essential tool, that we cannot live without."

Apptoto client Jorge Beltran with Belmont Services LLC
Jorge Beltran Belmont Services LLC Financial/Tax Services

"It is an amazing low cost way to keep people accountable. I run a weight loss clinic and those that are successful are those that come in weekly! It has been a great way to create a bunch of “losers!”"

Apptoto client Beth Serusa with Vineyard Weight Loss Center
Beth Serusa Vineyard Weight Loss Center Health/Wellness Services


Apptoto client Frontdesk Receptionist with Adult and Pediatric Dermatology, PA
Frontdesk Receptionist Adult and Pediatric Dermatology, PA Health/Wellness Services

"Our no-show rate has sharply decreased. The patients love it and my staff is free to do other tasks."

Apptoto client Dr. Jefferson with Metropolitan Podiatry Associates
Dr. Jefferson Metropolitan Podiatry Associates Health/Wellness Services

"...Apptoto reminder service has become an important tool. It is ultra reliable, and if there are any issues they are dealt with promptly and professionally."

Apptoto client Julian Butcher with Back Straight Massage
Julian Butcher Back Straight Massage Health/Wellness Services

"Love it! Just what our company needed. Thank you!"

Apptoto client Scott DuVall with
Scott DuVall Real Estate Services

"Apptoto is a valuable service for our business and I would highly recommend it to anyone needing a reminder service. No shows are practically extinct since Apptoto... and the customer support far exceeded our expectations."

Apptoto client Bobby Eaton with Redi-Box
Bobby Eaton Redi-Box Residential/Commercial Services

"I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Your customer support/service is really amazing!"

Apptoto client Avani Joy with Raging Root Studio
Avani Joy Raging Root Studio Salon/Spa Services

"Apptoto is great! I no longer have to remember to call my clients, it calls them automatically for me, and my clients seem to like it."

Apptoto client Sergei Shor with Red Square Salon
Sergei Shor Red Square Salon Salon/Spa Services

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