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Availability Pages

Availability Pages allow you to present customizable calendar availability to your clients for them to book an individual appointment directly on your calendar.

Step 1) Click “Add Availability Page” on the Booking Pages tab.


You will then be presented with the Booking Page Details screen.


Step 2) Fill out the main settings

  1. Calendar: Choose the calendar that Apptoto should add new appointments to. This calendar will also be used to determine availability. We also offer “Multiple Calendars” and “All Calendars” options to easily include all of your relevant calendars.
  2. Online: Turn the Booking Page on and off using the online switch. If a client visits an offline page, Apptoto will tell them that the calendar is offline for scheduling.
  3. Url: Enter the subdomain that you would like to use for your booking page. Your page will be available at the url . The Subdomain can include numbers letters and underscores. The Subdomain has to be more than 5 characters long.
  4. Title: Specify the title of your online Booking Page. This title will appear at the top of the Booking Page and it will be used as the title of the website (i.e. it will show up in the browser tab). An example title is “Joe’s Salon Online”
  5. Description: Specify a description. The description will appear below the title on the Booking Page.

Be sure to click “Save” to complete the creation of your Booking Page. Once you’ve saved it, you can preview the page by going to

Step 3) Click on the next topic to learn about each of the Booking Page Details tabs.

Please click the following links for more information on the Contacts, Fields, Add to Calendar, Actions and Embed sections of your booking pages.

Multiple Calendar Support →


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