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Auto Messages

Automated messages are maintained in the “Appointment Auto Messages” tab within the “Messaging” tab in Apptoto.

appointment auto messages tab in Apptoto


We offer SMS, Call and Email capabilities, all of which are able to be used with the following purposes:

ReminderMessages sent relative to the start time of each appointment, leading up to that start time. This is the default message type used when generating new messages, and is by far the most commonly-used message purpose and easiest to set up. These messages by default will provide your clients with the ability to Confirm, Cancel or Request Rescheduling for their appointments, and you can control which options are presented in the “Advanced Settings” of your Auto Messages tab.

BookingMessages sent relative to when the appointment was generated on the calendar, primarily to notify your clients that they are now on your schedule – these appointments will then automatically transition to any Reminder messages you have established. These messages are typically used to simply notify your clients of their appointment on your calendar, and by default will present them with the option to Accept or Decline this appointment time.

FollowupMessages sent relative to the end time of each appointment, after the appointment has ended. These messages are handy for multiple uses, including sending satisfaction survey links, prompting your clients to schedule another appointment, or simply reminding them of any further actions they need to take beyond the appointment.