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Configure rules for appointment auto messages

Configuring “Rules” for your Appointment Auto Messages helps you control exactly what messages (voice calls, texts, and emails) will be sent to which events. You can apply a default message sequence if you wish for all your participants to receive the same messages, or you can create as many unique rules as you want.

Rules are incredibly helpful for customizing and personalizing your messages. You can make unique rules and customize the messaging each receives based on things like appointment type, provider/person they will be meeting with, and so much more.

Walk step-by-step through setting up rules for an example appointment type, “Initial Consultation,” or follow along with your own appointment type you want to create.

Setting Up Rules for Appointment Auto Messaging

1. In this exercise, we’ll tell Apptoto to only send Auto Messages to appointments that have “Initial consultation” in the event.Screenshot showing an initial consultation meeting in Apptoto platform


2. Click on “Messaging” and then “Appointment Auto Messages”Highlighted Appointment Auto Messages tab in Apptoto platform


3. Under “Rules,” you can preview all the standard or default messages that will be sent to appointments that do not include your rule/filtered keyword in the title or body of the event. Navigate back to the Appointment Auto Messages tab. highlighting message sequence for all appointments


4. Scroll to the bottom of the Appointment Auto Messages tab, and click “+Add Rule”Add Auto Messages rule in Apptoto


5. In the Rule Editor screen that appears, enter the keyword that you want Apptoto to look for in your event’s title or body. You can use a basic, advanced, or custom rule to filter events with the keyword you set. creating a new auto messaging rule using a keyword in Apptoto


6. Type “Initial Consultation” (if you’re following along with our demo) or the keyword you wish to filter by for this message sequence.

7. Click “Done.”saving a new auto messaging rule using a keyword in Apptoto


8. Now, you’ve created an Auto Messages sequence that will only be sent to appointments that include “Initial consultation.” in the title or body of the event.

9. Under the “Initial Consultation” rule you created, click “+Add Message or Sub-Rule” to add messages to your sequence. Learn more about customizing your messages in our the Auto Messages section of our knowledge base.

add message to appointment auto message rule in Apptoto


10. For this example, we’ve created and enabled an SMS text, email, and voice call reminder for any appointment events that include the words “Initial Consultation.”Auto Messaging enabled automatically for meeting that has keyword in title


11. After making all the changes you want to, click “Save” in the upper right-hand corner of the “Appointment Autgo Messages” screen. save new auto-messaging rule in Apptoto


12. Now, to confirm that appointments with “Initial consultation” will receive the messages you just configured, click on the “Appointments” tab.

Highlighted Appointments tab in Apptoto platform


13. Click on one of the participants whose event includes the words “Initial Consultation.”

Highlighted meeting that contains the rule (aka filter) keyword in the title


14. Notice that “Initial Consultation” messages are listed.

Rule messaging automatically enabled for meeting that includes rule (aka filtered) keyword in title


15. Now click on a different appointment that doesn’t contain the words you put in the Auto Message rule.Highlighted meeting that does not contain the rule (aka filter) keyword in the title


16. Notice that auto messages match those appointments that do not include “Initial consultation” in the event information. The messages utilize the “Default” (aka “For All Appointments”) rule because “Initial Consultation” is not included in the event title or body.


messaging sequence for appointment event that does not included rule/filter keyword