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All Apptoto Booking Pages feature an Appearance tab that will allow you to customize the look of your Booking Page to fit with your specific branding.


In the “Layout” dropdown, you can select from the default option (shown above), a customized version of the default layout, or two-column options. Any of the non-standard options will present you with a column editor to further customize the contents of your booking page:

Colors & Fonts

This section of the appearance tab will allow you to customize the specific colors and fonts used throughout your booking page to further personalize the booking experience for your clients.

Custom CSS

If you are familiar with CSS, you’re now able to include your own custom CSS coding to use to further customize the booking page appearance. For example, you can include

.logo-img { max-width: 150px; }

to restrict the size of the logo to 150 pixels wide. Your web developer or IT professional may have more info on this, should you have questions.

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