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Booking Appointment Template

The “Appt Template” tab on the “Booking Page Details” page allows you to specify the template that is used when Apptoto creates new appointments on your calendar (specifically on the calendar specified for the Booking Page).

You can specify a template for the event’s title, location, and body (i.e. description). The text in between the {{ }} brackets are fields. Those fields are replaced with dynamic information from the booking request.


The fields available in these templates include

Field Description
name The name that the client entered when creating the appointment
first_name The first name of the client
last_name The last name of the client
phone The phone the client entered
email The email address the client entered
created_at When the client booked the appointment
timezone The timezone the client used to pick a time
start_time The start of the appointment in the client’s time zone
start_time_calendar_timezone The start of the appointment in the calendar’s time zone
duration The length of time in minutes of the appointment booked
ip_address The ip address of the client
type The type of appointment. e.g. mens_haircut
type.label The label of the appointment type. e.g. “Men’s Haircut”
type.description The description of the appointment type The name of the booking page
booking_page.title The title of the booking page
booking_page.url The url of the booking page used
booking_fields All of the custom fields in a “key: value” format
CUSTOM_FIELD The value of the custom field specified by the client
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