Appointment Reminder and Messaging service

Apptoto is an automated reminder service. Apptoto extracts contacts from your calendar and automatically sends appointment reminders and confirmations to ensure your clients arrive at your office on-time and prepared. It can also send follow-ups to ensure they keep coming back!

Works with your existing calendar!

Apptoto is designed to work within your existing workflow and calendar. There is no need to adopt a new calendaring system and it doesn't force extra features on you. Remain in complete control of your calendar while Apptoto works in the background for you.


Connect your existing calendar to Apptoto.

How Apptoto's Reminder System works #1

Apptoto extracts contact information

How Apptoto's Appointment Reminders work #2

Set up your message content and reminder schedule. Select from SMS text, email, or voice reminders.

How it Works #3

Apptoto reminds your clients and they confirm their appointments

How it Works #4

Apptoto updates your calendar!

How it Works #5
Reduce no-shows with appointment reminders

Reply back to your clients!

Clients feel obligated to show up when they think there is a real person sending them reminders. Apptoto makes it easy to manage responses and reply back to your clients from the Apptoto dashboard or directly from your Email inbox.

Customizable reminders

Instant Notifications

You can be notified when clients respond. Simply reply to the notification email to send a message back to the client!

Reduce no-shows with appointment reminders

Reduce No-Shows, Increase Revenue

Apptoto is proven to reduce time spent sending reminders, effectively reduce no-shows, and increase revenue.

Customizable reminders

Fully Customizable

Schedule and send personalized reminders by voice, SMS text, or email tailored specifically for your business.

Secure appointment and client information

Safe and secure

Apptoto uses the latest security technology. HIPAA compliant options available.

Tales of success

Apptoto can help any appointment-based industry. Learn how Apptoto appointment reminder service helped these businesses achieve their goals.

Jorge Beltran of Belmont Company, a tax preparation service in Columbus, OH sees 500 clients from January to April. With a 38% no-show rate, Jorge was concerned. Since using Apptoto, Belmont Company has seen their no-shows decrease to a mere 5%. “My clients thank me for reminding them about their appointment. It pays for itself”, says owner Jorge Beltran.

EasyAs Driving school is a school in Queensland, Australia. They operate 40 vehicles and approximately 1000 driving lessons per week. By using Apptoto, they have seen their no-shows decrease. How has that impacted their business? According to owner Mark Anson, as they incorporated Apptoto into their business workflow he says “I saw us becoming the industry leader.”

Jeffrey Katz, P.C. a Bethesda, Maryland law firm seeks to communicate their values of trustworthiness, fidelity, care for their clients, and consistent performance in every interaction. “Apptoto hit it out of the park - our clients perceive our firm as accessible, committed, showing genuine concern for their well-being and respect for their time…it sends the message: We care.” Jeffrey Katz, Managing Partner, JDKatz, P.C.

For Troy Pfeiffer’s Sit Means Sit Dog Training locations in Austin and San Antonio, TX, Apptoto is the calendaring application flexible enough to cover two locations in two cities and six training staff members. “Apptoto has reduced the number of no shows and day-of cancellations.” Troy Pfeiffer, owner, Sit Means Sit Dog Training.

Dr. Doni Wilson, a naturopathic doctor of medicine, needs to manage 12 appointments per day. Missed appointments hurt her business and her clients. Apptoto’s flexibility and customizability is key. “Apptoto is a service to the office and a service to the client. I like the service because I can send text message and email reminders. Patients like that”, Dr. Doni Wilson, N.M.D.

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