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Appointment reminders and client communication tools that streamline your existing calendar workflow.

Works with your existing calendar & workflow

Apptoto integrates with Google, Outlook, Salesforce, Apple, Android, Clio, Zapier and more - Appointment Reminders, Apptoto

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Works with your existing calendar and workflow

Apptoto is designed to work with your existing workflow and calendar. Remain in complete control of your calendar while Apptoto works in the background for you.

How it works

Connect your calendars - Appointment Reminders, Apptoto

1 Connect your calendar(s)

With the click of a button, connect your current appointment calendar to Apptoto and sync the data.

Information is extracted - Appointment Reminders, Apptoto

2 Information is extracted

Apptoto automatically extracts appointment information from your address book and calendar.

Create reminder messages - Appointment Reminders, Apptoto

3 Create reminder messages

Use templates or start from scratch to set up and customize your automated appointment reminder messages. Then, turn on your auto messages in Apptoto.

Client reminders are sent - Appointment Reminders, Apptoto

4 Client appointment reminders are sent

Through text, email and/or voice calls, Apptoto reminds your clients or patients of their upcoming appointments.

Calendar gets updated - Appointment Reminders, Apptoto

5 Calender gets updated

Apptoto receives client replies and automatically updates your calendar with real-time appointment status.

Continue the conversation - Appointment Reminders, Apptoto

6 Continue the conversation

Carry on two-way business email or text conversations with your clients, before and after their appointment.

Our customers love Apptoto

Trusted by over 3,000 companies, Apptoto has been waging war against no-shows since 2010.

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"A fantastic platform that saves me so much time."

"Apptoto is an excellent tool that seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook for Contacts. We use it every day to remind clients of appointments... and they appreciate it."

"Very user friendly and relatively inexpensive for a small operation."

"Helps keep our clients and our employees organized and ready for their appointments!"

"We have been using Apptoto for years! ...We have noticed a massive improvement in appointment show rates! Reminders are a MUST HAVE for any service provider! 5 stars for sure!!!!"

"Our patients like it. Our practitioners like it. Apptoto is an essential tool. I wouldn’t change a thing."

"...Apptoto has not only decreased scheduling confusion, it has eliminated it. It has also eliminated the staff support and expenses required to maintain the schedule. The service is an incredible value."

"Apptoto is... a full-featured appointment scheduling and reminder platform that is both affordable and easy to use. Support is equally great..."

"Excellent Google integration, highly customizable, and support that is fast and reliable."

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