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New Apptoto User
If you’re a brand-new user to Apptoto, we’ve created a streamlined process for creating and associating an Apptoto account with your Clio account.

Ensure that you’re logged into your Clio account, then simply click this link and follow the next few steps:

Sign Up for Apptoto with Clio

1. Establish an email and password for your new Apptoto account, then click “Connect to Clio”

2. On the following Clio Authorization page, click “Yes, Let’s Connect”

Apptoto connect with Clio


Your new Apptoto account is now synced with your Clio account, and has imported the “Firm” calendar by default. Follow the next instructions for more info on connecting additional Clio calendars.

Existing Apptoto User / Connecting Additional Clio Calendars

If you’re an existing Apptoto customer, you can connect your Clio calendars by following these steps.

1. Ensure you’re logged into your Clio account.

2. Navigate to your “Appointments” tab in your Apptoto account, then click the “+Add Calendar” button

3. Click the Clio option

4. On the following Clio authorization page, click “Yes, Let’s Connect”

Apptoto connect with Clio

5. On the following page, select the calendar(s) you’d like to add from the picklist, then click “Next”

7. The next step allows you to set the notification preferences when an individual calendar is chosen. Once completed, click the “Connect Calendar” button to complete the connection between the chosen Clio calendar(s) and Apptoto.

Apptoto will automatically connect to your existing Clio clientele’s information by looking at the Clients connected to the Matter associated with an Appointment, further streamlining the process for you, and ensuring your clients receive their reminders with minimal effort.