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Request Username Update/Transfer

Occasionally, you may need to request an update to your Apptoto username.

One of the primary reasons this may occur is that the person who set up the Apptoto account is no longer with your organization and their email is no longer accessible to utilize to log in. Similarly, the original Apptoto user may have moved to a different position where they are no longer responsible for the management of your Apptoto account.

For security purposes, a username change must be made by the Apptoto Customer Support team. A request to update the account username must come from the email of another current Apptoto user. We cannot update username requests from users who are not active in Apptoto.

How to Request an Apptoto Username Update

To update your username, please follow the steps below to ensure a timely transition.

  1. Log into Apptoto
  2. Find the current account username (Settings > Account & Billing > Username)
  3. Confirm the email you will submit your request from is on the Users list (Settings > Users > Email), as is the “new” username you would like to update the username to.
  4. Submit your request to with the following information.
    • NOTE: please do not use chat as our team requires username changes to be submitted via email.
  5. Include the following information in your request:
    1. Request to update username for {Insert Company Name} account
    2. “Old” username (found in step 2)
    3. “New” username
    4. Additional details: If you have any additional details such as billing invoice email updates, etc. please note those!
  6. Submit!

If our team needs any additional information to process your request they will reach out to you. Otherwise, we’ll process your username update request and let you know when it’s completed.