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Appointments Tab


The Appointments tab is your main landing page when logging into your account, and will provide you with at-a-glance information for your upcoming appointments and respective participants.


These buttons will allow you to narrow or broaden the view for your upcoming appointments


Agenda – This is the default view mode, and will show upcoming appointments grouped by day

Month – Changes the view to a more traditional calendar view, with brief descriptions of appointments on their respective days

Week – Changes the view similarly to the “Month” option, showing only one week at a time

Day – Further focuses the view to a single day, and shows appointments separated into columns by calendar


These buttons allow you to change how your appointments are displayed.


  • Upcoming – The default setting. Shows all appointments that are scheduled for today and into the future.
  • Today/Tomorrow – Only shows appointments scheduled for the current day or the following day from present. You can also select individual days from the calendar layout above these buttons.


The calendar tool allows you to quickly and easily navigate to a specific date to view all appointments on a given day.

The calendar list allows you to specify which calendar’s appointments are currently being viewed. By default, all calendars’ appointments are visible in this view, but you can view any combination of the connected calendars as well by unchecking the boxes next to each. You can also switch to a single calendar view by clicking the small calendar icon in the top-right of the list. To view all calendars again, simply click the “All” link at the top of that list.



These buttons bring some relevant features from deeper within your account settings to a more accessible location.


  • Import – This button will bring you to the calendar import page, which will allow you to upload a csv or xml file with your appointments. Please note that this option will attempt to create a new calendar, which will be impacted by your current subscription and the number of calendars already connected to your account.
  • Add Event – This will allow you to manually enter an appointment within Apptoto that will then sync out to the calendar of your choice.
  • Sync – This button will force a manual sync with any calendars you have connected to your account. Apptoto will automatically sync on an hourly basis, but this feature will allow you to sync your displayed calendar’s data on-demand.