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Booking Fields

The “Fields” tab of the Availability/Sign Up Page allows you to specify what information your clients will need to provide when booking an appointment with you.

apptoto fields tab

Customer Fields

These fields are specifically used to collect and associate information directly with the individual booking the appointment.

Upon completion of the booking, these fields will be used to generate a new contact in the address book associated with that booking page. Click the following link for more information on address book integrations.

Custom Fields

Beyond the standard information collected, you can specify further fields for your clients to fill out when booking appointments. The collected information can then be associated with the Contact or the Event via the “Target” dropdown in the Field Editor. The available custom field types are:

  • String – Collects short, typically one-word responses (e.g. nickname, username, alternate email address, etc.)
  • Text Area – Allows for longer responses (e.g. What would you like to discuss?, What are your goals?, etc.)
  • Number – Allows you to collect a single numerical response
  • Checkbox – Allows your clients to select multiple options (e.g. Services Needed)
  • Dropdown – Allows you to present a list of responses to the client for them to choose from.
  • Hidden Field – This option allows you to pass a hidden value to the booking page and the resulting appointment via the booking page query string. (e.g. you could create a hidden field named “source” and then add ?source=website to the end of your booking page url, allowing you to track if the client booked their appointment through the direct url or by clicking a Facebook ad, newsletter, etc.) For more information on this, please contact our support team.

Field Target

Fields can now be associated with either the event or the customer, allowing you to accurately assign the collected information to the intended target. (e.g. nickname vs location of meeting).

apptoto field target

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