Appointment reminders
Appointment Reminders

Delight your clients with voice and text reminders

Learn how to harness the power of Apptoto in just a few easy steps.

Appointment reminders
Reminders for any appointment

Reminders for any appointment

Apptoto Reminders integrate with nearly every appointment calendar, letting you schedule and send reminders to all your appointments, regardless of whether they were scheduled over the phone, from a walk-in visit or through an email. Apptoto meets your needs!

Complete the conversation

Your clients are busy. Create rules and time-based reminders to stay top-of-mind, finish appointment to-do's, send updates of order status and create a differentiated client experience.

Complete the conversation
Booking and follow up messages

Booking and follow up messages

Need more 5-star reviews? Want to increase repeat business? Client communication is more than just reminders and scheduling. With Apptoto Reminders you can positively engage your clients far beyond the appointment.

Learn how Apptoto Campaigns can help you easily market to all of your clients and expand beyond reminders.

AI-Powered Multilingual Messaging

No more no-shows due to misunderstood messages. Translate your custom text and email appointment messages into five languages with a few clicks.

Using the power of AI, create multilingual message sequences and rules that ensure every client receives the perfect message.

translate appointment reminders

Receive a test reminder

Create automated text, email or phone reminder messages for any appointments on your calendar. Clients can easily confirm, cancel or request to reschedule.

(Don't worry. We won't start bugging you on your cell phone.)

Apptoto reminders has the features you need to run your business on autopilot

Multiple reserved numbers

Do you need unique numbers for different locations or staff members? Reserve multiple phone numbers and assign them to fit your needs.

multiple reserved numbers

SMS Consent Management

Effortlessly get permission to text your clients. Send an initial consent message letting clients know you send automated SMS texts. Or, require double-opt-in so clients can simply reply “Yes” to receive important messages from you.

text message consent

2-way messaging

Easily respond to your clients from the Apptoto website or directly from our real-time email notifications. Your clients will love that there is an actual person on the other end of the confirmation text messages they receive from your business.

2-way messaging

Rule-based messaging

Each message can be configured to only be sent if certain conditions are met. For example you can create a rule that sends a specific message to an appointment with the word “initial consultation” in the title.

rule-based messaging

Auto replies

Create auto-response bots that will take action when your clients reply to messages. For example: a custom thank you message sent to all clients who confirm or create an internal bot to notify the appropriate staff member when a client take actions.

auto replies

Contact preferences

Update contact records based on their preferred method of contact.

contact preferences

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