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Best Practices: Automated Appointment Reminders for Healthcare

Missed your appointment? That’ll be $50, please. No-shows and late arrivals are common problems for many healthcare service providers. They […]

Less No-Shows, More Learning: A Case Study with Spanish55

Appointments can be a major struggle for any busy professional. Doctors, dentists, and accountants all demand time that breaks up […]

Apptoto Campaigns Help Streamline Covid-19 Vaccination Scheduling

For many adults in this country and around the world, the process of signing up and scheduling our COVID-19 vaccination […]

How to Use Apptoto Campaigns for Covid-19 Vaccination Scheduling

System Overview Carvajal Pharmacy in San Antonio, Texas, is one of Apptoto’s clients using our Campaigns and Scheduling products to […]

Enhance your messaging with attachments and emoticons

It is now easy to further customize and personalize your Apptoto messages with attachments, photos, and emoticons. Photos and emoticons […]

Apptoto’s seamless integration with Virtual Meetings

Based on our data, we’ve seen a 10x increase in the number of virtual meetings this year!  This change in […]

Helping Appointment Based Businesses Re-open/cover in 2020

Appointment based businesses were some of the hardest hit during the world-wide COVID-19 economic shutdown.  Now, as the world begins […]

Easily reschedule any appointments on your calendar

Introduction We are hearing from clients that many of you are starting to re-open in lieu of the COVID-19 shutdown.  […]

Introducing “Compose to All” Appointments

Apptoto has had the ability to compose a message to multiple appointments at once for a while now; however, it […]