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Contacts & Address Book Integration

The “Address Book” tab under “Booking Pages” lets you specify how your Booking Page should interact with your Address Books.

Integrate your address book with your Apptoto booking page

Address Book

This option lets you specify which Address Book should be used with your Booking Page. New contacts will be created in your default “Apptoto” address book by default. However, you can tell Apptoto to add new contacts to a different address book (e.g., your Google address book or Salesforce address book).

If you do not see the address book that you want Apptoto to add contacts to, then head over to the “Settings” > “Address Books” tab and connect the address book first, then come back to your Booking Page settings and configure the newly connected address book.


This option allows you to choose how your clients prove they are who they say they are or, at least, that they are human.

Authenticating via Mobile Phone

If you set the Authentication method to “Verify Mobile Phone,” your clients will be asked to enter their mobile phone before booking an appointment.

apptoto confirm mobile

After entering their phone number, they will be sent a 6-digit code (via text message) to enter before they can complete the booking. The text message they receive will contain a 6-digit code and a link to complete the booking.

apptoto booking conf code

Once they’ve confirmed the mobile phone by entering the 6-digit code or clicking the booking link, the client can continue booking an appointment with you.

If the Address Book selected above contacts a contact that has the phone number they confirmed with, then the client will not have to fill out the contact details. Instead, those details will be filled out using the information in the Address Book.

apptoto booking details filled out

Authenticating via Email

If you set the Authentication method to “Verify Email,” your clients will be asked to enter their email addresses before booking an appointment. They will be sent a 6-digit code (via email) to enter before they can complete the booking. Once they’ve entered the 6-digit code in the link provided, they can confirm their booking.

Require Campaign Booking Link

If you set the Authentication method to “Require Campaign Booking Link,” the client must have received a booking link via an Apptoto Campaign. Clicking on that link will take them to a unique campaign booking link they must use to book their appointment.

Authenticating via Captcha

By changing the Authentication method to “Captcha”, Apptoto will use Google’s Re-Captcha mechanism to verify that the client is human.


No authentication method is needed.

Advanced Settings

Depending on which authentication method you choose, you may see some or all of these advanced settings in the expandable “Advanced” tab.

Match Contacts By: If you use a captcha authentication method or no authentication method, you have the option to match contacts to your address book using the options below:
  • Phone and Email
  • By Phone
  • By Email
  • None
Limit contacts to # appointment: Prevent clients from booking more than a set number of appointments at a given time.