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Salesforce is an incredible all-in-one customer-relationship management (CRM) platform used by businesses across the world. It offers a variety of tools for businesses, big and small, to centralize their sales, customer service, marketing, financial operations, and more into one platform. Apptoto integrates with Salesforce to enhance the platform’s existing Calendar tool by providing flexible online scheduling, automated appointment reminders, payment processing, two-way business messaging, and messaging campaigns. For more highlights on the features and benefits of Apptoto’s Salesforce integration, check out our Salesforce Integrations page.

This page will provide a hub for all Salesforce support and training resources.

Salesforce Resources

    • Connecting your Salesforce Calendar to Apptoto: A step-by-step walkthrough of connecting your Salesforce Calendar to Apptoto can be found in our “Connecting to your Data” Knowledge Base section.
    • Converting Salesforce Leads to Opportunities After An Appointment is Booked: It’s now possible to convert Salesforce leads to Salesforce opportunities automatically in Apptoto. After a Salesforce lead books an appointment with you via an Apptoto booking page, you can choose to have them convert to an opportunity instantly. Check out step-by-step directions on converting Salesforce leads to opportunities here.
    • Log All Activity to Salesforce Contacts: Log every appointment booking, reminder sent, or follow-up action to the relevant contact record automatically. To do so:
      • Navigate to the Integrations tab under Settings in Apptoto.
      • Open the Salesforce Integration tab
      • Scroll down to “Options.”
      • Toggle “Log all Apptoto activity to Activity History for contacts” to on!
      • Choose if you want to send each activity individually or have it grouped by day.

Additional Resources can be found below!