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Payments on Sign Up Pages

Sign Up Pages allows you to set up a page online that lets clients add themselves to an existing appointment on your calendar.  They are typically used for webinars, clinics, or other group activities.

Apptoto’s Payment feature allows you to accept payments when people sign up through a sign up page.

Here is an example sign up page payment form:


Sign Up Page Payment Options

The Payment Options for Sign Up Pages can be found on the Sign Up Page’s setting’s “Basic Info” tab.

The Payment Types options for Sign Up Pages are the same as they are for Booking Pages (See Payment Types for Booking Pages)

The “Use price in event instead if one exists” option tells Apptoto to look at the event attached to the Sign Up Page to determine the price. It does so by looking for:

  1. A custom field called “price” (e.g. if the body of the event has ‘price: 25’ in it)
  2. Any $ amount found in the event title/location/body (e.g. $25.00 or $25)
  3. Otherwise it will use the Cost of Service specified in the settings.

Multiple Event Sign Up Pages

The “Use price in event instead if one exists” option works well if you have multiple events attached to one Sign Up Page that vary in price.  For example, here is a sign up page that has two events.  A “1/2 Day Webinar” that does not have a $ amount in the title, and a “Full Day Webinar” that has a $ amount in the title of the event.


Apptoto will vary the price based on which event the client picks!

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