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Base Feature Pack
Scheduling Feature Pack
Connect Feature Pack
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Calendars (${{sovs.calendars_starting_price}}/mo)
Choose how many calendars you manage. Only include those that you need Apptoto messaging or scheduling features for.

Appointments (Starting at ${{ sovs.components.2019_outside_us ? (sovs.appointments_starting_price + 10) : sovs.appointments_starting_price }}/mo for 100)
Choose how many appts per month you want messages sent for. You can send/receive unlimited messages per appointment.

Users (${{sovs.users_starting_price}}/mo)
Choose how many separate users (i.e. logins) you will need for Apptoto.
Base Feature Pack (Included)
Automatic Reminder Messages

Reduce no-shows by up to 90% by sending automatic reminder messages to your clients before their appointments.

Text (SMS), Email, and Voice Calls

Automatic messages can be sent by text (SMS), email, or voice.

Voice messages are sent by phone call and can include your own voice.

Reserved Caller Id

All text & voice messages are sent from your own Apptoto caller id located in your area code.

Optionally you can send voice messages from your existing number.

Rules Based Messaging

Rules based messaging lets you control which messages are sent automatically to what appointments.

For example you can set up an automatic message to be sent only when the appointment contains the word 'consultation'.

Realtime Notifications

Be notified immediately when clients cancel/confirm/request rescheduling or respond with extra information.

2-Way Messaging

Easily carry on 2-way conversations with clients over whichever medium they reply.

2-Way Calendar Sync

Apptoto syncs directly with your existing calendar.

Opt-Out/In Lists

Easily manage who has opted-into or opted-out of receiving automatic messages directly from within Apptoto or your Address Book.

Charts & Reports

Monitor trends in your business related to your calendar. Track appointments over time.

Email, Chat, and Phone Support

Our Apptoto & Calendaring experts are here to help!

Phone support is available M-F 9am to 5pm (Pacific Standard Time)

Scheduling Feature Pack ($10/mo)
Online Booking

Increase revenue by putting your calendars online!

Let your clients book time on your calendars with full control over what they see and how busy you appear depending on which "Appointment Type" they choose.

Sign-up Pages

Let your clients add themselves as participants to existing events.

Useful for group events and signups.

Unlimited Bookings

There is no limit to the number of appointments that can be booked through your Apptoto Online Booking pages.

Note that there is a limit to the number of appointments that can receive automatic messages (which is what the "Appointments" slider on the left controls).

Capture Mobile Numbers

Apptoto captures your client's mobile numbers when they book online!

The mobile number can be added to your CRM system and used by Apptoto to send reliable messages before and after the appointment.

Custom Fields

Show up prepared to the meeting by prompting your clients to enter additional information about themselves and the appointment.

Entered data can be added directly to your calendar and CRM system.

Multiple Calendar Support

Appointments can be booked onto different calendars depending on the options your client choose when booking an appointment.

Availability can be based on all of the calendars involved.

Custom "Add To Calendar" Content

You have full control over what appears in your client's calendars after they book with you.

The appointment time, title, location, and body fields can all be customized to provide your clients with all the information they need directly from their own calendar.

Booking Pages (${{sovs.booking_pages_starting_price}}/mo)
Choose how many booking pages you need.
Please Note: It looks like you are using "Booking Pages". If this feature pack isn't included in your plan, then your booking pages will show as "offline" to clients if they visit them.
Connect Feature Pack ($49/mo)
Apptoto Connect

Re-connect with past appointments and contacts by sending custom text, email, and voice messages to any phone number, email address, or contact.

Automatic Followups

Configure Apptoto to send automatic messages after appointments take place.

Easily implement "recalls" by only sending follow-ups to clients who haven't booked since their last appointment.

Calendar & Inbox Search

Apptoto's search feature lets you find upcoming and past appointments quickly and easily.

Quickly find appointments to send messages to. E.g. "all appointments tomorrow morning on brad's calendar".

Calendar search also lets you quickly generate graphs based on search results. E.g. graph how many "consulting" appointments have arrived late over time.

Inbox search lets you quickly find messages sent or received through Apptoto.

Auto Replies (Bots)

Save time and money by using Apptoto's Auto Replies (Bots) feature.

Apptoto lets you set up automatic replies and actions when clients respond to their messages.

e.g. you can automatically send a reply back saying "Thank you, someone from our office will be in touch with you soon." if a client requests a reschedule.

e.g. or, if a client dials 7, then send an email notification to

Staff Messaging

Streamline communication by leveraging Apptoto's appointment Auto Messages to send messages to calendar owners and other members of your staff.

e.g. send a reminder 1 hour before appointments that aren't at your location.

This feature is enabled by turning on "Settings" > "Advanced" > "Enable the 'To:' field in Auto Messages"

Other Add-Ons Available
Messaging Outside US & Canada

Apptoto supports sending text (SMS) & voice Calls to many countries outside of the US & Canada; however we do charge extra for this. Enable this add-on to send messages to clients whose phone numbers do not start with +1.

This adds $10/mo for every 100 appointments that Apptoto sends messages for during the month.

HIPAA Compliance w/ BAA ($50/mo)

Apptoto's services are fully HIPAA compliant and we take privacy seriously for all users.

If you are a healthcare provider and require a signed BAA, we do charge an extra $50/mo.

We do keep our BAA covered users on a set of servers that are separate from other users.

SQL Connector ($50/mo)

Apptoto integrates with many on-premise SQL Based applications.

Add this if your business requires us to connect to your on-premise SQL Database.

$ {{ sovs.new_price }}
per month
(paid annually)

FAQ: What counts as an "Appointment"?

Each participant that receives messages for an event counts as 1 appointment. For example, a typical haircut appointment that only has one client listed counts as 1 appointment. However, a tutoring appointment that has both the parent and the child listed as participants counts as 2 appointments if messages are sent to both the parent and child.

FAQ: Which currency do you use?

All prices listed on this page are in US Dollars (USD).

FAQ: Do I have to sign a contract?

No contract is required. Apptoto subscriptions are month-to-month or year-to-year. You can cancel at anytime.

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