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Buttons (Emails Only)

Email messages can contain buttons. Buttons can send the user to a specific url.

Inserting a generic button into your email message

You can insert a generic button easily via the “Insert Field” menu when editing an email message.

Doing so will insert

{{ URL | button: CAPTION, COLOR }}

so e.g.

{{ "" | button: "Learn More", "green" }}

Which would result in

Using buttons to have client confirm, cancel, etc. (i.e. Action Buttons)

Reminder messages can include “confirm”, “cancel”, and “reschedule” buttons using the message.confirm_button, message.cancel_button, message.reschedule_button fields.

Booking messages can include “accept”, and “decline” buttons using the message.accept_button and message.decline_button fields.

For example, to include both a confirmation button and a reschedule button, then use:

{{ message.confirm_button }} {{message.reschedule_button }}

That will generate: