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Introduction We are hearing from clients that many of you are starting to re-open in lieu of the COVID-19 shutdown.  […]

Whether you or your office staff are sending out client reminders, it is easy to make mistakes when sending our […]

Did you know 62% of no-shows occur simply because your client forgot? We get it. People are busy. Combat forgetfulness […]

You run your own business. That means you have plenty of things to worry about, but reminding your clients when […]

Apptoto Webhooks allow you to integrate Apptoto’s Appointment Messaging & Scheduling Platform further into your workflow, by triggering things to […]

When setting up your Apptoto account, you may ask yourself – how will Apptoto fit my unique workflow? In most […]

It seems like every few months, the way people discover and interact with businesses online undergoes a new shift. From […]

We spoke with Tyler, one of our customer support specialists, about the needs and pain points our customers seek help […]

It goes without saying that appointment reminders should say the right time or else you risk hurting your business as […]