Track Appointment Booking Conversions: Integrating Google Ads, GA4 & Apptoto

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Are you harnessing the full potential of your website when it comes to driving appointments for your business? You know your company needs to have a website that highlights your offerings, provides helpful information and contact details, and lets clients automatically book appointments with you.

Understanding where your website traffic comes from and what high-value actions (or conversions) visitors take is key to optimizing your sales strategy. This is where Apptoto’s integration with Google’s free analytics software, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), becomes invaluable, enabling you to track appointment bookings on your online booking pages. Additionally, if you utilize Google Ads for online advertising, its seamless integration with GA4 can create a significant advantage for your business. How? By enabling you to create ads targeted on driving increased bookings.

When you understand whether visitors from your social posts, email campaigns, blog posts, or digital ads book the most appointments, you can focus more time and attention on those marketing channels. Walk step-by-step with us in this three-part guide as we show you how to track and drive more appointment booking conversions with Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, and Apptoto.

Integrating Google Analytics and Apptoto

Important: This post assumes that you have:

If you are missing anything above, please work with your IT team or website provider to take the necessary steps before following the directions below.

  1. Log in to Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Apptoto
  2. In Google Tag Manager, click the “Google Tags” tab. Find your GA4 property name and copy the “Tag ID.” (This will likely be “G-” followed by a alphanumeric code.)Find your Google Analytics 4 ID in Google Tag Manager
  3. In Apptoto, navigate to “Settings” > “Integrations” > “Google Analytics/Tag Manager.”
  4. In the field “Google Tag Manager Container ID,” enter the ID from step 2.Add your Google Tag Manager ID to apptoto via the
  5. Click “Save Google Settings.”
  6. Navigating back to Google Tag Manager, click into your Google Analytics tag as shown in step 2.
  7. On the Google Tag Configuration screen, scroll down to the “Settings” tab and click “Configure Your Domains.”
  8. Under “Cross-domain Linking Configuration,” click “Add condition.”
  9. Set match type to Contains
  10. In the Domain field, enter:
    1. This will allow Google Analytics to recognize your GTM tag on any Apptoto book page you’ve created instead of you having to enter each one.

Configure Cross-Domain tracking in Google Tag Manager to track booked appointments as conversions.

Apptoto will start sending any appointment bookings to GA4 as “apptoto_bookingevents. Depending on how frequently you receive new bookings, it may take GA4 several hours to days to track these events.

Adding Appointment Bookings as Conversions to GA4

Once “apptoto_booking” events begin flowing into GA4, you should take the steps below to track them as conversions.

  1. Log into GA4, and click the “Admin” tab (gear icon)
  2. Navigate to the “Data Display” section and click “Events.”Navigate to Data Display in GA4 and click
  3. Use the search bar (magnifying glass icon) to type in “apptoto_booking.”
  4. In the far-right column “Mark as Conversion,” flip the toggle to on.Toggle

After you’ve set Appointment bookings as a conversion in GA4, you can use the tool’s plethora of reports to learn more details about your clients. For example, there is a Conversions Report in GA4’s “Reports” tab under the Life Cycle section. You can filter to see how many “apptoto_bookings” you’ve received and layer in additional demographics, geographic, and traffic source data to garner additional insights.

Importing Appointment Booking Conversions into Google Ads

Finally, by importing your appointment booking conversions into Google Ads from GA4, you can do several things: 1) Track what Google Ads campaigns, keywords, and ads are driving the most appointment bookings and 2) Set “apptoto_bookings” as a conversion goal to allow Google to optimize your campaigns to drive more conversions.

  1. If you have not yet linked GA4 and Google Ads, navigate to GA4.
  2. Click the “Admin” tab (gear icon). Navigate to the “Product Links” section.
  3. Click “Google Ads” links.GA4 Google Ads Links
  4. Click the blue “Link” button.
  5. First, click “Choose Google Ads accounts.”
  6. Choose the Google Ads account you want to link from the list and click confirm. Then click “Next.”Link Google Ads Account to GA4
  7. In the next step, configure any additional settings. Select whether to enable Personalized Advertising, Auto-Tagging, and Allowing Access to Analytics features in Google Ads. Choose your desired settings and click “Next.”
  8. Finally, review your configuration and click submit. Your GA4 properties and Google Ads account are now linked, but a few more steps remain.Successful Google Ads link to GA4
  9. Navigate to Google Ads. Click Goals > Conversions > Summary. Click “+ New Conversion Action.”Navigate to the Summary tab in Google Ads and click +New Conversion Action to add appointment bookings.
  10. Click “Import,” then select “Google Analytics 4 properties” from the drop-down and “Web” property. Click “Continue.”Import GA4 conversions into Google Ads
  11. Find “apptoto_booking” on the list of conversion actions to import. Click “Import and continue.” Click “Done.”
  12. You’ll be taken back to the “Summary” screen. Find “apptoto_booking” on the list and click “Edit Goal.”
  13. Select whether to make it an account-default goal or a primary or secondary action. Note: Setting “apptoto_booking” as a primary action will allow you to use it for bidding optimization and reporting while setting it to a secondary action will not.Adjust the details of your Appointment Booking conversion type for Google Ads such as whether it-s account level and a primary or secondary action.

Now, you can create new campaigns aimed at attracting people likely to book appointments or optimize existing campaigns to do the same.

Harness the Power of Your Website to Maximize Appointment Bookings

Leveraging the powerful combination of Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, and Apptoto can make you even more effective at driving appointment booking conversions. By tracking and understanding which marketing channels are most effective in generating appointments, you can devote more resources to those strategies. With this approach, your website isn’t just a digital storefront but an integral tool for growing your business and maximizing client engagement.

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