Improve Customer Satisfaction by Sending Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders, Apptoto

Appointment reminders are valuable in ensuring your business provides great customer satisfaction. Often, the stress of making and keeping appointments can interfere with employees’ ability to offer good customer service.

Appointment reminders ensure that your business and customers are in sync and provide regular reminders before the set date or time so that this stressor does not interfere with customer service.

Integrating appointment reminder software into your business model will help ensure consumers remember upcoming events. As a result, your customers become more satisfied with your approach, which keeps them informed, leading to better service delivery. Also, establishing a clear and direct line of communication with your client through text and/or email reminders will help win business and keep your clients coming back!

What Are Appointment Reminders?

Appointment reminders are messages or notifications sent by a business to its customers, reminding them of an upcoming event like a doctor’s appointment, restaurant reservation, or shipment delivery. These notifications are essential to maintaining an organization’s steady flow of clientele, as service provision can be planned out days in advance. In addition, appointment reminders provide a safety net for any customers who want to reschedule their appointments.

Reminders are becoming a big part of customer service as businesses look to maximize every opening in their schedule. They also help customers change details about their bookings, appointments, or restaurant reservations in case something comes up.

Why People Need the Help of Reminders

Due to the hectic pace of modern life, people rely heavily on reminders to avoid forgetting small things such as appointments, meetings, and even flights. Businesses should actually expect clients to forget they booked with them and make every possible effort to remind them of upcoming appointments.

Unfortunately, your clients’ digital calendars have become so complicated and busy that simply having your client add the appointment to their calendars is no longer sufficient. For example, someone could easily book one appointment on top of another, causing a conflict. Sending timely reminders to clients directly, without relying on their calendar to do it, has become essential.

Text reminds customer of accurate appointment time, boosting satisfaction and attendance.

Businesses must incorporate appointment reminders into their customer service practices to keep in touch with clients. This helps reduce no-show appointments (which could lead to a loss of revenue for the business) and improves overall customer satisfaction.

Reminders Let the Recipient Know You Value Their Time

The great thing about sending out appointment reminders is that your customers feel valued by your business. It is easy for clients to feel unappreciated by businesses, making them unwilling to commit themselves to their bookings. However, regular appointment reminders show you value your clients and their time.

Regular clients may also become dependent on your reminders if you already offer this service. They no longer have to worry about constantly double-checking their appointment times. This creates a personal bond between you and your clients, improving the odds of repeat business.

How Apptoto Reminders Work

Apptoto is an automated appointment reminder and messaging software targeting businesses with a large flow of clientele. The application extracts appointment information from all of the appointments already on your calendar. This includes appointments scheduled through online tools, in-person conversations, or over the phone. Reminders can be sent via voice call, SMS text, or email, informing customers of any upcoming bookings.

Apptoto also sends follow-up reminders, ensuring clients are aware of their appointments with the business on a particular day. Apptoto appointment reminders effectively keep up with consumers and make them feel valued.

Voice/Phone Calls

Over the past few decades, businesses have mostly used phone calls to remind customers of upcoming appointments. It is a tried and tested medium as customer service agents can directly communicate with clients and confirm their booking or reservation. Phone calls allow for fast and efficient communication between both parties. With Apptoto, you can upload recordings of yourself so that your voice reminders are sent using your own voice. You can also choose from one of our high-quality Text-To-Speech engines to save you the trouble of uploading your own voice.


Text messaging through SMS or other communication applications like WhatsApp has grown increasingly popular in the last few years. Messages can be sent to prospective customers in bulk, days in advance, to remind them of their upcoming appointments. The most important benefit of using text message appointment reminders for your business is the reliability of customer engagement. Up to ninety percent of text messages are read in their entirety within one minute of receipt. This is still, by far, the most effective means of reaching your clients.

Text messaging is a cheap and effective method for sending appointment reminders. You can also send text messages multiple times before your client’s scheduled booking to prevent no-shows.


Because everyone uses email, it’s also wise to send email reminders.

Email reminders allow you to say more than Text reminders (since text reminders are limited in length).

But email reminders can easily be lost in your client’s inbox (or possibly never even make it if it’s sent to SPAM!)

So, be sure your reminder system can send Email along with at least one other type (e.g., Email and Text, or Email and Voice)

Improve Customer Satisfaction By Sending Appointment Reminders With Apptoto

You should not have to manually reach out individually to customers to remind them of upcoming appointments. Technological advancements have enabled automated appointment reminders to be sent out in bulk, days in advance, with little human intervention. Furthermore, Apptoto can send follow-up reminders quickly and easily to avoid unused booking times in your schedule.

Apptoto is the perfect automated tool to incorporate into your customer service practices, with its easy-to-use interface and straightforward features. You no longer have to spend hours on the phone trying to keep in touch with your customers. Instead, upgrade your business with automated appointment reminder software that improves your operations.

Choose Apptoto as your appointment reminders partner today and get a 14-day free trial to experience the difference it makes in customer satisfaction.