How CPAs Can Leverage Appointment Management Software Year Round

Relaxed accountant sitting at his desk after busy tax season using appointment management software.

As a CPA, you’re well-acquainted with the crush tax season. The looming deadlines, the flurry of appointments—it’s a time when your appointment management system becomes a lifeline. But what happens when the bulk of tax filings are done, and the office quiets down? Hopefully, you take a well-earned vacation. Then, it’s back to the office.

Many CPAs might consider shelving their appointment scheduling and reminder software until the next busy season. After all, they’re no longer bouncing between client meetings and working on filings every hour of every day.  But there’s a compelling case for keeping it year-round. Let’s explore how appointment management software for accountants, tax preparers, and financial advisors can be a game-changer even during the off-season.

The Value of Appointment Management Software Post-Tax Season

The end of tax season doesn’t mean your appointment management software should go into hibernation. While the number of appointments you schedule with clients may decrease dramatically, there is still work to be done and plenty of people to meet with. “Off-season” work for an accounting firm might include: 

  • Handling extensions and amendments
  • Filing unfiled taxes from prior years
  • Audit Services
  • Fiscal Year Tax Preparation & Filings 
  • Financial Planning
  • Leading Seminars & Classes
  • Marketing

With plenty of things to do, your calendar will likely still be full of client meetings and consultations, document collection and preparation, internal team meetings, and upcoming deadlines. Even in “slower” months, an appointment management tool is indispensable since it handles the busy work of coordinating your calendar, scheduling meetings, and notifying clients of upcoming appointments and deadlines. It doesn’t just give you more time to concentrate on your work; it allows you to provide ongoing value to your clients and keep your practice top-of-mind. 

When customers feel appreciated, companies gain measurable benefits…. The payoffs for valued, great experiences are tangible: up to a 16% price premium on products and services, plus increased loyalty.


Features of Appointment Management Software That Benefit CPAs Year-Round

An online appointment scheduling page for an accountant.

Appointment management software like Apptoto offers features that can benefit accountants and tax preparers throughout the year. 

  • Automated appointment reminders: Ensure clients arrive on time and prepared for meetings with text, email, and voice call reminders. They’re also helpful for nudging clients about missing documents, fiscal filing deadlines, bookkeeping reviews, etc.
  • Online scheduling: Allows clients to book their own appointments (e.g., financial planning meetings, audit consultations), eliminating back-and-forth communication and freeing up your time. 
  • Group Appointments: Enables you to schedule and host group classes and seminars (e.g., retirement planning, financial literacy) to strengthen customer relationships with clients and attract new clients.
  • Calendar Integrations: Ensures your schedule is always up-to-date, helping prevent double bookings and missed meetings.
  • Messages: Communicate instantaneously with clients with two-way business texting. Easily address simple questions as they arise and connect about status updates.
  • Campaigns: Send bulk text or email campaigns to drive business and customer loyalty. Ask happy customers for reviews, reengage lost prospects, and remind clients to book with you for next year’s filings! 

Strategies for Off-Season Engagement with Clients

The off-season is an excellent time for CPAs to engage with clients beyond tax preparation. Use your appointment software to schedule financial health check-ups, retirement planning sessions, or educational seminars. This provides additional revenue streams and reinforces your role as a trusted financial advisor. Here are a few example text message templates you can use to promote your accounting services year-round.

Accounting Text Message Templates

Financial Health Check-Up

👋 Hello {{ First Name}}, ready for a financial tune-up? Schedule your Financial Health Check-Up today with {{Business Name}} to ensure your finances are in top shape! Get personalized advice to grow your wealth and plan for the years ahead. Book now: {{Appointment Booking Link}} reply ‘n’ to opt-out

Retirement Planning

{{ First Name }}, ready to secure your retirement dreams? Meet with {{Accountant Name}} at {{ Firm Name}} for expert retirement planning advice. Let’s build your tomorrow today! Schedule your consultation: {{Appointment Booking Link}}. Reply ‘n’ to opt-out.

Upcoming Seminar

{{First Name}}, join {{ Firm Name }} for our next free seminar on {{ Topic }} on {{ Date }} at {{Location}}! We only have ten spots available, so act quickly to avoid missing out! {{Appointment Booking Link}}. Reply ‘n’ to opt-out.

Review Request

 {{First Name}}, thank you for choosing {{Firm Name}}. We would love to know how you’d rate your experience working with our team. Would you mind taking a moment to leave us a quick review: {{ Review Link }}. Thank you for being a valued client!

Next Year’s Filing Consultation 

  1. It’s time to think about your {{ Year }} tax filing! Let’s schedule some time to discuss your finances and create a plan that works for you—book now: {{Appointment Booking Link}}. Reply ‘n’ to opt-out.

  2. Reminder: Schedule time with {{Firm Name}} to get started on your {{Year}} taxes. Please choose a time that works for your consultation: {{Appointment Booking Link}}. Reply ‘n’ to opt-out.

  3. Let’s get time on the calendar before the busy holiday season. We want to set you up for success for your {{ Year }} tax filing. Schedule time with our team here: {{Appointment Booking Link}}. Reply ‘n’ to opt-out.

Optimizing Your Practice with Data and Reporting

Data is a powerful tool for any business, and CPAs can leverage the reporting features of their appointment management software to gain insights into their practice. Analyze which services are most in demand, identify peak times, and understand client behaviors. This information can help you make informed decisions about staffing, service offerings, and operational improvements.

Insights are everywhere in our platform, but we recommend starting with Apptoto’s:

  • Dashboard: Provides high-level trends and insights about your appointments
  • Booking Pages: Highlights requests and successful bookings by page. Tip: Configure your booking pages by team member or service type for more specific insights
  • Tools > Charts & Reports: Uncover granular insights about appointments, check-in statuses, messages, payments, and more

Preparing for the Next Tax Season

Use the quieter months to prepare rather than scrambling when tax season approaches. Refine your branding on your booking pages, reevaluate your availability, create new reminder templates, and launch targeted marketing campaigns. This proactive approach can lead to a more organized season, with less stress for you and your clients.

Case Studies and Success Stories

As we delve into how appointment management software can be a valuable asset throughout the year, let’s consider a success story from long-time Apptoto client Belmont Services, LLC. Belmont Services is a tax preparation service that serves both English- and Spanish-speaking clients in Columbus, OH. Owner Jorge Beltran and family believe their company’s success hinges on customer care. 

Using Apptoto, Belmont reduced appointment no-shows by a staggering 84%. By automating reminders via voice, SMS, and email—available in both English and Spanish—Belmont Services ensures their clients are better prepared and more consistent in attending scheduled appointments. Belmont Service’s team has maximized their efficiency during the hectic tax season and beyond and fostered stronger client relationships, making a clear case for maintaining Apptoto year-round.

My clients thank me for reminding them about their appointments. Apptoto is an essential tool that we can’t live without. It pays for itself.

-Jorge Beltran, Owner of Belmont Services, LLC

Appointment Management Software for Tax Season & Beyond

Appointment management software is not just a tax season necessity—it’s a year-round asset for CPAs. By leveraging its features during the off-season, you can maintain client engagement, optimize your practice, and lay the groundwork for a successful tax season. Keep your appointment management system active, and watch your practice thrive.

Ready to take your CPA firm to the next level, then let’s connect! Sign up for a free 14-day trial and discover how our appointment management solutions can support your business throughout the year. Or, if you’re an existing Apptoto client, connect with our Support team to maintain your momentum after tax season by figuring out the best plan for you as usage shifts.