How Much “No-Shows” are Really Costing Your Business

no shows are costing your business

If you’ve ever had the displeasure of preparing for an appointment, gathering your documents, and making your way to the designated meeting place only to find yourself idling in wait as usable minutes pass by with no word from your client, you probably understand why appointment reminder software for law firms is becoming more and more popular every day.

Legal calendaring software and automatic reminders can save your business time and money, all while mitigating the fallout that comes with no-show clients. When you take into account all of the wasted resources created by these missed opportunities, the true cost goes beyond just billable hours — though the loss of income is nothing to ignore.

Beyond Lost Income

We would need some time alone with your books to figure how much no-shows are costing you financially — and we’re guessing your accountant may protest granting us such access — so instead we’ll investigate other costs associated with no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

For instance, if your firm or practice charges for missed meetings or claims a deposit, your up-front financial loss may be minimal or even nothing at all. But when you explore the extended impact on your operation as a whole, you may find that these missed opportunities are having a far greater effect than what can be measured in simple dollars and cents.

Here’s what to include in your evaluation:

Wasted Labor & Mental Preparation

Having just taken the time to prepare for a meeting or consultation, the case at hand is fresh on your mind, the details are sharp, and you’re ready to make headway. But when a client fails to arrive, all that mental preparation goes to waste, and you may be less likely to invest the same amount of time and energy into prepping for the rescheduled session.

Missed Working Hours

Even if you charge your client for the missed appointment, you are still losing workable hours that could have gone to other projects if you’d had advanced notice of the cancellation. For example, if you sent an appointment reminder 24-hours prior to the appointment and the client cancels, you now have the opportunity to refill that appointment slot and avoid gaps in work flow which can negatively impact output and moral.

Increased Stress, Decreased Productivity

Stress is expensive, so doing what you can to mitigate its negative impact is usually better for your business in the long run. When you spend time waiting on a client, you are likely to grow more agitated as the minutes tick by. So after you’ve wasted even 10 minutes or so waiting on a late arrival, your mind has probably already moved on from the meeting and has fixed itself on frustration or what it needs to do next. Either way, this stress and frustration can bleed into the rest of your day.

Low Moral

While having a blank spot in the day might sound like a refreshing break for some, most legal professionals who are balancing heavy caseloads and a life outside the office would likely prefer to use their dedicated working hours to be productive, rather than sit in wait for a client who’s not coming. Preventing these breaks in the workflow can go a long way in supporting work-life balance for your team.

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