Feature Update: Apptoto Connect – Voice Message Enhancements

new apptoto feature

If you’ve used the compose button on the Agenda or Inbox/Outbox view lately (i.e. our new “Apptoto Connect” feature), then you’ve noticed that you can now send Voice Call messages to one or more recipients easily from your Apptoto phone number.

The Compose button can be used to send messages to contacts that have appointments with you (by clicking the check boxes on the left and then clicking Compose) or to contacts that are not on your calendar.

Here are three ways you can use the Apptoto Connect voice call and messaging reminders for your scheduling.

1. Easily send your own voice (MP3 messages)

Once you click “Compose” you have the option to choose which type of messages you want to send.   With our latest release, if you choose “Voice Call” only, then you are given the opportunity to upload an MP3 file to send as the content of the message.  This lets you send your pre-recorded voice instead of using our Text-to-Speech engine.

You can interweave Text-to-Speech content with MP3 too!  Just type out the full message that you want to send (and add any dynamic fields you want included).  Then highlight the part you want to replace with an MP3 and click “Upload MP3/WAV” to replace just that part.   Here is an animated GIF showing how to do this:

If you’re looking for a good place to record MP3s… we often use https://recordmp3online.com/ .

 2. Only send voice call if not mobile

If you choose both “Send SMS” and “Voice Call” as the type of messages you want sent… you can now tell Apptoto to only send the Voice Call if the phone number we are sending to is not mobile.  This is really handy if you want to blast out messages to appointments but don’t want to bother them with two messages while still ensuring they receive at least one.

An example use case for this is when you or one of your staff is sick and you want to send out a message to all your appointments for the current day asking them to reschedule… you can click the check box for all the appointments on today, click Compose, author your message, and turn on “Only send call if phone is not mobile.”  Only appointments who previously gave you a mobile number will receive the message as a text, whereas the other appointments will get a voice call.

Also, our Apptoto Connect voice reminders are HIPAA compliant for any healthcare providers.

3. Customize voice call

Also, in the case that you choose both “Send SMS” and “Voice Call,” you can click the new “Customize voice call” check box in Advanced Settings in order to send text to mobile numbers and MP3s to non-mobile numbers.

More Apptoto Connect features are coming

We have more Apptoto Connect features in the works!  Including “Auto Replies” and “Templates.”  Let us know if you have any questions about setting up these new feature updates for voice calls and messages or want to see a sneak preview of what’s coming!