How Text Appointment Reminders & Confirmations are Changing Business for the Better

text based appointment reminders confirmations

Want to know the one thing less convenient than leaving a detailed appointment reminder voicemail? The answer is taking time out of your busy day to listen to that voicemail while scrambling for a pen or a note-taking app, then listening to it again to make sure you wrote down the details correctly, then confirming those details in your calendar, and then calling back to confirm or cancel said appointment. It’s a lot of touchpoints and a lot of unnecessary back and forth. But that’s just how it’s done, right?

Wrong. At the risk of sounding like a late-night infomercial host: there really is a better way! Appointment reminders are meant to be a convenience to your client and to your team, but with so much time and energy required of both parties to make so many phone calls, it’s easy to see why automated text reminders are surging in popularity. Keep reading to learn more about how text appointment reminders are reshaping how businesses communicate with customers.

Phone Reminders are Impractical

Have you ever covertly answered the phone during a meeting or while on the clock? It’s a tricky maneuver that can land a busy working person in serious hot water with their employer, so it’s no wonder that actually reaching a client on the phone during the business day is such a challenge. And then comes the problem of whether or not that client remembers or chooses to listen to that voicemail. Let’s be honest. It is probably not their top priority.

This leaves your team unsure of whether the message has been received, and they’re no closer to confirming that appointment than they were when they first sat down to the task. Not only is this time wasted, but it’s a missed opportunity to provide a helpful service to your customers in a manner that accommodates their needs.

Text Reminders are Easier

Have you ever covertly read or responded to a text message while at work? Of course you have! That’s because text messaging is a more practical way to reach people during the workday. Not only is the information written out on the screen for them to see at a quick glance, but they can also refer back to the message at any time to confirm the details of the appointment and even take advantage of simple confirmation and cancelation options right from the same place. Simply replying “yes” or “no” to a text message is easier and more convenient than returning a phone call. It’s that simple.

Apptoto Offers HIPAA Compliant Text Reminders

Protecting your clients’ privacy is always a top concern, which is why Apptoto is happy to provide text message reminders that comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Our message templates are designed to include the helpful reminders your clients need to confirm their appointments securely.

doctor texting hipaa compliant message to patient

To learn more about text message reminders for all types of businesses, visit Apptoto today. We’ll be happy to help you choose the right software and services for your company and for your clients.