Sneak Peek at a New Feature | How to Use Search in Apptoto

new apptoto feature

Apptoto Releases New Search Feature

Apptoto has released a very powerful search feature that allows you to search for your customers, confirmed appointments, no-shows, custom fields, with robust reporting and messaging capabilities.

Apptoto Search is Still in Beta

We have not rolled out search to all of our customers. The functionality is still in Beta, and we are looking for our customer feedback.  Are you interested in trying out this new feature? Please reach out to

How Can You Leverage Apptoto Search?

Search allows you the ability to manage appointment messaging, view your customer’s appointments, and enhanced reporting.

Viewing your customer’s behavior is easy with search, you can look at the history of their appointments, even who they booked with at your business, no-shows, and appointment cadence.  Apptoto will also create a custom report for your searches.

If you leverage custom fields in Apptoto, for example, if you use Apptoto to manage your sales calls, you can search for all your upcoming prospect calls.

Common Search Syntax:
“confirmed: true” aka Confirmed Appointments
“confirmed!=true” aka All Unconfirmed Appointments
“cancelled: true” aka All Cancelled Appointments
“start_time> today” aka All Appointments After Today
“name: Jane Doe” aka All Appointments with Participant named Jane Doe

You don’t need to remember these though, you can select the funnel on the search bar, and they populate for you.  Also, check out our in-depth manual for more information.

Helpful Tip: Are you doing the same search over and over again? Use the bookmarks, you can save the search to your bookmarks tab, and it will behave like a saved search!

Easy Messaging

Let’s say you just looked up all of your upcoming confirmed appointments for tomorrow, but you will need to move those appointments for an unforeseen circumstance.  You can search or your appointments “confirmed:true start_time = tomorrow”. Your appointments will populate, and you will be able to check all those customers and select compose to send them a quick note.

Advanced Reporting

Your appointment and booking history is at your fingertips with reporting.  Do you want to see all of your no-shows, canceled appointments, or how often you see a customer?

Use the search syntax above and select “View Chart”, here you can see your data plotted out for your review.

Maybe it is time to see your customer more than once a month? Or you can dive into which of your locations is experiencing more no-shows and take action.


Apptoto has built in some canned searches, and we hope to expand those fields.

If you check “Search Future Only,” this will make it, so your search only applies to future appointments.  If you are looking for appointments in the past, make sure this box is unchecked.

Do you want to look at a specific calendar? Or All of the Calendars?  Check the box next to the calendar, and you will be able to search a specific calendar.  Just make sure you have all the right boxes checked for your search.


I want it NOW!

Are you interested in learning more, you can schedule a demo or check out this video that our Founder, Frank Cort, made where he takes a deep dive into search. Remember this feature is beta if you do not see the search bar in your Apptoto dashboard and want to have access to this feature, reach out to