5 Benefits of Personalized Appointment Reminders for Law Firms

top five benefits of personalized appointment reminders

1. Fewer No-Shows & Last-Minute Cancellations

Avoid same-day cancellations and no-shows by notifying your clients about their upcoming appointments using friendly, personalized appointment reminders. With an appointment reminder service like Apptoto, you choose how best to communicate with your clients (including emails, voice calls, and text reminders) based on your needs and preferences. 

Appointment reminders ensure your clients are aware of their upcoming appointments and arrive well-prepared. But, should something come up, you can also include an easy cancellation option in your reminder message to give clients the proper tools to reschedule. This allows your team to refill the vacant appointment time and prevents your staff from preparing for a meeting that won’t be happening.

2. Personalized Appointment Reminders Help Clients Plan Ahead

In addition to reminding your clients of their scheduled appointments, you can tailor your message to include the essential details of your meeting, including what they need to bring. For instance, templates can be customized to accommodate a variety of appointment types, such as consultations, depositions, and court appearances.

sending personalized appointment reminders ensure clients show up to legal appointments prepared

Each of these meetings will likely require the client to travel to a unique location. They’ll also need to come prepared with materials specific to the meeting type, such as identification or business records. When you include these details in their appointment reminders, particularly when using email or text, you are providing them with a reference that they can revisit as needed to make sure they are ready for their meeting.

3. Automated Messaging Saves Time & Resources

Human-powered labor is often the most expensive part of any business, and for good reason. Your in-house team has abilities that no software can match. But there is software that can help you get the most value from your personnel.

Person-powered scheduling and appointment reminders are labor-intensive and expensive. Your support staff spends a large portion of their day scheduling and rescheduling appointments, reminding clients of upcoming appointments, and fielding questions. They have little time to provide in-office clients with a positive service experience and even less time to support the legal professionals at the practice.

4. Better Customer Service with Fewer Touchpoints

A phone call may seem the best way to reach a client. But many people are not able to take a phone call during business hours. Likewise, they may miss or simply ignore the call if they do not recognize the caller’s number. When you choose legal appointment reminder software that includes options for email and text message reminders, you are providing communication types that work better for your customers’ needs.

Additionally, automated appointment reminders and online scheduling software for your law firm can create more time for your office administrators to support the in-house needs of your practice, including face-to-face client support and assistance.

5. Easy Software Integrations, Including Clio Practice Management

If you think incorporating a new reminder software and scheduling app means changing your operation, we have great news. Well-developed programs such as Apptoto are designed to integrate with your current practice management software, including Clio. Instead of fully replacing your current system, Apptoto can enhance the performance of your software by incorporating new capabilities that further support your practice.

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