Three Tasks to Streamline Using Zapier and Apptoto Automation

Zapier and Apptoto solutions

The “Internet of Things” is a household phrase these days. You can automate anything from your home security system to your morning coffee with the touch of a button.

Automation has taken over our homes and is rapidly moving into our businesses, making our lives simpler each day. Though automation software and processes create productivity and efficiency in the workplace, it’s hard to know where to start when it seems like everything can be automated.

With Apptoto’s new integration with Zapier, connecting the systems you use to run your appointment-based business is easier than ever. Zapier is an easy-to-use integration tool that makes connecting disparate software applications a breeze with “Zaps.” Zaps are automated workflows between software applications. You don’t have to be a developer or even know what an API is to be able to launch business-changing automation with Zapier and Apptoto.

To help get you started, here are three Zaps you can get started with today for Apptoto and Zapier.

1. Create A New Contact From an Appointment Scheduled Online

According to a survey done by GetApp, 43% of people are much more likely to choose a service provider that offers online appointment scheduling options over one that does not. That means your first contact with new clients could be from your online scheduling page. Use a Zap that connects your calendar to your CRM or marketing automation system, automatically creates a new contact record, and pulls all contact details from the appointment into your contact database. Apptoto can capture and confirm mobile numbers to send reminder messages, unlike many other scheduling services.  Zapier has built-in connections to Active Campaign, Salesforce, Google Calendar, and more.

2. Update Google Calendar Events with Zoom Video Meeting Links

Do you use Zoom or Google Hangouts to conduct video meetings with your clients? Activate a Zap to create and add Zoom meeting details when a client schedules an appointment online. Zapier will create a new Zoom meeting when the meeting is booked, then find and update the calendar event in your Google Calendar. Looking for a different calendar or video meeting integration? We can help!

3. Add New Clients to a Marketing Newsletter

With all of the other things on your plate, growing your marketing database often moves to the back burner. But with Apptoto and Zapier, you can now automate the process. Build a Zap that will add contacts from new appointments to your marketing list in Mailchimp (or another email marketing system). When booked, Zapier will look in Mailchimp to see if there is a matching contact. If not, it will create a new contact, updating the record with the information found in the appointment.

Add New Clients to a Marketing Newsletter using zapier and apptoto automation

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