3 Ways Proper Scheduling Can Help You Nail Your Sales Pitch

proper scheduling and sales success

Picture this: Your ideal sales scenario. Think about the time you need to prepare, the optimal setting, and the model client. Are you seeing it? The friendly banter, the clever pitch, the handshake that seals the deal? While it may be more fun to focus on the presentation and pageantry, don’t forget to think about what it takes to schedule such a flawless meeting.

You want to make sure the date, time, and place work for both you and your client. Once the meeting is set, it’s a good idea to provide a follow-up appointment reminder and maybe some helpful details about the meeting. This is where a great client scheduling software can save the day and help you deliver the perfect sales pitch.

Here are three ways that appointment managements apps can help create your ideal sales scenario.

1. It Demonstrates Professionalism

When it comes time to present your pitch and nail your sale, you want a captive audience that’s ready to listen and in the mood to say yes, so creating a positive experience right out of the gate can add immense value to the exchange before you even have the chance to meet. Easy-to-use appointment management apps like Apptoto make scheduling, confirming, and even rescheduling meetings a stress-free experience your clients will appreciate. It’s always a good idea to demonstrate professionalism and value from first contact, so simplifying the scheduling process for your client creates a sense of ease which can go a long way in building a positive business relationship, even when scheduling woes threaten to get in the way.

While we never want a client to miss a meeting, knowing ahead of time that the appointment isn’t going to happen is better for both you and your client, because it saves time and helps eliminate the stress associated with late cancellations and missed appointments.

2. It Creates More Usable Time

Instead of spending your day managing a busy calendar, you can let your automated appointment manager take care of the meetings while you prep your presentation and master your pitch. Quality appointment management software life Apptoto can do more than just schedule appointments. You can utilize personalized reminder messages via text, voice, and email which not only help your clients manage their calendars, they also free up more time for you while giving your client the opportunity to cancel or reschedule with advanced notice.

You can even tailor your messages to include helpful details, such as the date, time, and location of the appointment, as well as what they need to bring to the meeting. Your client will have the reminders they need to come prepared, while you can leave the reminders to the app and free up time you need to ready your sales deck and make a great sale and a great impression.

3. Better Timing = Better Outcomes

You know that feeling you get when you have an upcoming appointment that’s threatening to ruin your workflow and destroy your deadlines? Maybe something came up and ruined what would normally be a convenient time for the event, or maybe you scheduled it in a rush and the date never really worked that well for you. Either way, think about how you feel when you look at that point in your calendar. You’re probably experiencing stress, regret, and even resentment for the appointment that you want to cancel, but can’t even find the time to call and let the other party know. It’s a feeling most professionals will experience at some point. It’s also the last thing you want your client feeling when they come to your meeting.

To help put your clients at ease and get them in a ‘yes’ mood, you can use helpful scheduling apps that give the client the power to schedule and reschedule based in their needs. If you’re worried that making cancelling too easy will encourage them to do so, think about all the lost energy and resources that come out of no-shows, late cancellations, and a distracted audience that isn’t really focused on hearing you out. While it may be a minor set back to push a pitch back, a properly scheduled meeting creates an atmosphere of ease and preparedness that will help when the time comes to seal the deal.

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