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Apptoto blog posts that show how text, email and voice reminders can help any appointment based business.

Based on our data, we’ve seen a 10x increase in the number of virtual meetings this year!  This change in […]

Whether you need a quick 10-minute pickup option, an hour-long general shopping option, both, or more, we’ve got you covered. […]

News is changing by the minute and so is the world of healthcare. During the COVID-19 nationwide public health emergency, […]

Whether you or your office staff are sending out client reminders, it is easy to make mistakes when sending our […]

Did you know 62% of no-shows occur simply because your client forgot? We get it. People are busy. Combat forgetfulness […]

Recently Sprint and T-Mobile have increased their text filtering criteria causing some text messages to fail to send. Unfortunately, failed […]

Healthcare professionals spend hours each week sending reminders to their patients. Whether you or your staff are taking care of […]

You’re a business owner, not a copy writer. Rather than waste cycles trying to craft the perfect copy for your […]