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No shows aren’t just frustrating, they’re costing your firm money.

Missed your appointment? That’ll be $50, please. No-shows and late arrivals are common problems for many healthcare service providers. They […]

Put Your Clients at Ease with Easy Online Scheduling As professionals, we’re always striving to perform at peak level for […]

If you’ve ever had the displeasure of preparing for an appointment, gathering your documents, and making your way to the […]

Appointments can be a major struggle for any busy professional. Doctors, dentists, and accountants all demand time that breaks up […]

Whether your practice books 20-minute, 30-minute, or 90-minute appointments, there are common challenges and hurdles that come with booking, managing, […]

Real estate agents wear many hats. One of the most difficult parts of the job can be setting up home […]

Appointments can be unpredictable. Any business that operates with patient or client appointments knows that the logistics of booking, keeping, […]

In the age of instant information and communication via text messages, it may seem outdated to extol the virtues of […]