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How On-Demand Services are Changing Your Customer’s Expectations

Getting what you want when you want it is nothing new. Historically, the most prestige members of society have always been able to snap their fingers and make things happen in their favor. Now, thanks to online shopping, smartphone apps, and streaming services, the magic of on-demand is available to the masses. So, while some may be tempted to lament that online booking for service-based businesses comes at the cost of a more personalized experience, the reality is that most adults have come to expect the convenience of self-service via a smartphone, tablet, or other device over a so-called good, old fashion phone call.

Here are some of the ways online scheduling apps and services are creating better experiences for a broader range of customers.

Online Scheduling is Better Customer Service

Whether it’s Amazon Prime, Uber Eats, or Netflix, it’s clear that the age of at-your-fingertips applications and automation has ushered in a new era of endless conveniences and on-demand expectations. And with good reason. Not only does automation create new opportunities for those with varying abilities — such as speech, hearing, and mobility — to be more self-sufficient, it also creates a more seamless experience for both your customer and your business.

When clients take advantage of online appointment booking, your in-house team can spend less time managing a calendar and more time providing prompt, focused assistance to your clients when they arrive for their appointment. And, unless you’re planning to turn off the phones once your online scheduling service is in place, which we certainly do not recommend, those who do prefer to call and speak to a live person will still have that option.

Online Appointment Booking is More Inclusive

Smart devices can have an overwhelming impact on the lives of individuals with any manner of limited ability. While a phone call requires the ability to both speak and hear, online booking apps require neither. For those with mobility limitations or visual impairment, voice-powered applications can be of tremendous service for those seeking the same level of convenience in a more accessible format.

And let’s not forget the many other reasons individuals might want to avoid phone calls. Those with social anxieties, depression, and other common mental illnesses may also prefer online scheduling, as well as those whose typical environment is not conducive to a productive phone call, such as busy parents or anyone with a day job.

The Simple Truth

Online self-service is just plain easier for many of your customers. That’s why so many businesses provide it, and so many people expect it. If you’re wondering what kind of online booking options are available in your professional field, your friends at Apptoto can help. We specialize in providing a variety of online scheduling apps, appointment reminders, and more to a broad array of businesses just like yours.

Visit us today to learn more about the many ways we can help you meet your clients’ needs and their expectations.