New Customization Features for Apptoto Booking Pages

Apptoto’s online scheduling pages just got better! Now, you can customize the look and feel of your booking page to match your business’s brand. Another great addition that our customers asked for is the ability to customize your availability for each page. For instance, if you want to create a recurring block for lunch, or if you have a day of the week that your office closes early, you can now easily adjust those times for each booking page.

We put together an easy guide to walk you through all of the new features available for your booking page appearance.

Booking Page Appearance Tab

After navigating to the Bookings Page via the options on the left of your Apptoto portal, click on the Appearance tab to see all of the customization options.

Apptoto Portal Appearance Tab

Colors & Fonts

Now, you can change color, font and layout of your booking pages. You’ve spent years establishing a brand with your clients. Show it off on your booking page!

There are many options to customize both the colors and the fonts on your booking page. Be careful to not choose any colors that will be distracting or a font that is difficult to read on the background color. The codes used to choose your background color are called HEX codes. If you aren’t sure what your HEX codes are, download a color picker. For Chrome users, a good option is ColorPick Eyedropper. Download it as a Chrome Extension to easily find HEX codes from your website.

Once you have downloaded the HEX picker, simply hover over a color to see its specific HEX codes. For instance, on the Apptoto homepage, hover over our CTA to see the code for our Apptoto Green!

Hover over the color you'd like to use for the HEX code

From there, you can copy and paste the code into the correct field for you Apptoto booking page.

Insert HEX codes for your specific color choice

Booking Page Layout

Next, you can change the layout of your page. For instance, instead of the original 1-column layout, you can change your booking page to have 2 columns. That change gives you more space to provide additional information and even include images. A great example of how you would use images to your advantage is to include an image of a map showing your office location.

Example of a 2 Column Even booking page layout

Booking Page Availability Tab

Now, you’ll see an Availability tab which allows you to choose specific availability slots, selectable times, holiday scheduling and more.

New “Specific Times” Option

In the ‘selectable times’ field, you can choose several options. Before you could only choose simple options like “every 30 minutes.”  Now you can choose highly specific times for each day of the week.  This option is great for professionals who only want to allow a few time slots to be made available throughout the week.  If your schedule is variable or sporadic, this is a great option for you.

Choose specific times clients can book appointments

Lunch Time Options

If you do use one of our existing “every X minutes” options, you can now setup multiple ranges for each day of the week.  Not just one.  This allows you to effectively setup lunch times during the week by splitting each day into two ranges.  If you prefer, you can also just use the default availability for the calendar associated with that booking page as before.

Availability tab in Apptoto portal

Allow Multiple Appointments Per Slot

Another availability feature is the ability to add more than one appointment during a time block. For instance, if you are a massage spa and you have 3 therapists availability at any given time, you could allow up to 3 appointments at one time. The page will only show that time as full when all three open slots are booked.

Holiday Schedule

One feature that our customers have been asking for is to be able to automatically block out federal or bank holidays. Select the region you are located in and a list of all holidays will display. From there, you can select the holidays you would like to be blocked out on your calendar. Sorry, no National Dog Day or National Pizza day….yet.

Check list for federal holidays

For more information, schedule time with our support team!