online scheduling key to happy clients

Put Your Clients at Ease with Easy Online Scheduling

As professionals, we’re always striving to perform at peak level for our clients. We stay up to date on innovations in our field, we attend lectures and conferences, and we do our best to create an ideal atmosphere for the service we’re providing. Whether it’s providing state-of-the-art technologies or just making sure they have a comfortable place to sit, thinking about our patients and clients’ needs is a cornerstone of business.

After all we do to prepare ourselves for our clients, are we also taking the time to help our clients be ready for us? Someone in a rush isn’t going to be in the best state of mind for their appointment, so doing what we can to help them prepare before they even arrive for their visit can create a better scenario for both your patient or customer. Here are some of the ways appointment scheduling software can help our clients and our businesses.

Online Appointment Booking

Easy-to-use online platforms like Apptoto can help your clients make smarter choices when booking their appointments. Instead of making time to call the office and go back and forth with a receptionist looking for a time that works for both, your customer can look at a calendar and snag the best spot for their schedule. This helps them feel in control and at ease before they even enter your office.

Voice & Text Reminders

Once the perfect meeting time has been established, offering an automated reminder via your client’s preferred method of communication can be a tremendous help. Not only does the reminder message help your client plan ahead, it can also reduce stress the day of the meeting when the message contains helpful details, such as the date, time, and an address. Apptoto reminders can even be set to include details on what your client needs to bring to the meeting, like ID, insurance, or tax forms.

Many people these days prefer a quick text message reminder for its convenience, and because it’s easy to refer back to it for details as needed. But offering one kind of appointment reminder won’t work for all your clients, which is why Apptoto also offers voice calls and email reminders, as well as HIPAA compliant message templates to help you send paperwork ahead of time.

Confirmations, Cancellations, & Rescheduling

If you’ve ever had a client show up to an appointment in the wrong state of mind, you probably understand that sometimes rescheduling is better than being even a few minutes late. For instance, if you’re a doctor with a full day of patients, one late arrival can drastically push your whole day back  — meaning you’ll be the one running behind for the rest of your appointments. It’s the same for professionals like attorneys and accountants who need the whole time slot allotted to collect all the information needed.

We understand that late arrivals are inevitable, but you can make it easier for your clients to confirm or even cancel and reschedule their appointments with Apptoto. Text reminders are an easy way to confirm an appointment, since they can be set to allow clients to confirm or cancel just by replying to the message, without having to call into the office.

Simplicity Creates Better Customer Experiences

So, is online scheduling really the key to happy clients? We think yes! When a client arrives prepared both physically and mentally for a scheduled meeting, they’re going to be in a better place to cooperate in the ways you need them to in order to do your job to the best of your ability. This means your patient or customer gets the best of the service they need. And creating the highest level of service and satisfaction really is the secret to happy clients.

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