scheduling apps for real estate agents

Creating a positive working relationship with your clients goes a long way in the world of real estate, so why not utilize helpful resources which not only put your most professional foot forward but also help you respect both your time and your client’s time? Real estate appointment services and scheduling apps like Apptoto can help you avoid the lost time, resources, and opportunities that come with late arrivals, no-shows, and miscommunications by sending your clients automatic reminders and appointment confirmations.

Say goodbye to the days of prepping for a showing, battling through traffic, and getting your game face on only to end up waiting for a client who has already forgotten the appointment or misplaced the address. Real estate scheduling apps are here to change the game.

Automatic Reminders: Confirm, Confirm, Confirm

Ok, we don’t necessarily mean that you must confirm each appointment three times, but there are three major factors your real estate appointment setter must confirm for you and your client to have a successful showing or meeting: when; where; and what to bring.

When to Arrive, When to Start

This might seem like a simple one to explain, but not everyone treats an appointment time the same. Some will assume that a 3pm meeting equates to a 3pm arrival time, while others will naturally create a 5-15 minute buffer. Instead of leaving it to chance, or to everyone’s unique concept of time, your appointment reminder should include both an arrival time and an estimated start time — plus it never hurts to estimate a duration whenever possible.

Where are We Meeting

Again, this one seems obvious, but a simple address is often misleading when it comes to real estate showing appointments and other meetings. If where to park and where to meet at a given location are both limited to one option, such as a single-family home with a clear driveway and a clear front entrance, you may be able to provide just an address. But offering helpful tips in your reminder or scheduling app, such as where to park, where to enter, and where exactly you will be waiting for your clients, can go a long way in saving time and avoiding on-the-spot frustrations which can create resentment and reluctance at the worst possible time.

What to Bring

Certain real estate appointments require the client to bring nothing at all, while others can feel like preparing for a presentation about your entire life. Particularly for first-time homebuyers, it can be very hard to know what to bring to each appointment. This is why automated reminders for real estate appointments can be a life saver for everyone involved. You can create custom templates based on different types of appointments which automatically remind your clients of what they need to bring based the objective of each unique meeting.

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